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| | 2 minutes | Creativity & Innovation
ifs.com – our new domain name and website evolution

Good news from IFS HQ today in that the domain name ifs.com is now in its rightful (and purple) digital…

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| | 4 minutes | Creativity & Innovation
The reason why customers come first at IFS
customer satisfaction

Buying enterprise software can be difficult. You are at a disadvantage because the software vendor knows a lot more about…

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| | 9 minutes | Creativity & Innovation, Events
Putting IFS to the test—for the benefit of all customers: Getting to know IFS Challenger Champion Lovisa Tholerus Sondén, Ingram Micro Mobility

Speaking with Lovisa Tholerus Sondén, ERP and Finance Systems Manager at long-standing IFS customer Ingram Micro Mobility, for just a…

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| | 4 minutes | Creativity & Innovation, Events
How curiosity and persistence helped Akbar Brothers turn over a new leaf in the tea industry
IFS Challenger Champion

Getting to know IFS Challenger Champion Zainab Abbas, Director of Investments & Projects, Akbar Brothers. More than 75 million cups…

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| | 5 minutes | Business Technology, Creativity & Innovation, Digital Transformation, Manufacturing
Why Doesn’t The Chart Go Beyond Today?

One day AI systems will predict what is currently impossible, to allow us to overcome the inefficiencies in our lives…

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| | 6 minutes | Creativity & Innovation, IFS Applications, Oil & Gas, Transform Your Business
Dare to Question: How Challenger Champion Marie Sköldenborg Makes a Difference Through Unexpected Solutions

How do you provide accommodations for construction workers when their work site is an oil rig located 500 miles from…

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| | 4 minutes | Aerospace & Defense, Creativity & Innovation, Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Transform Your Business
Let’s actually start minding the industry skills gap
Skills Gap

When I meet with IFS customers across the UK one of the most common pieces of feedback is the struggle…

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| | 5 minutes | Creativity & Innovation
Ambition, passion, reliability: getting to know IFS customer and Challenger Champion Bjarte Haugland
challenger champion- leader

As many in the business software world will attest: managing the company-wide deployment of an ERP platform is a serious…

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| | 5 minutes | Business Technology, Creativity & Innovation, Manufacturing
If Amazon did Factories
If Amazon did Factories

Amazon recently announced record profits of $3.03bn, breaking its own record for the third consecutive time. However, Amazon appears to be…

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| | 2 minutes | Creativity & Innovation, Events
Challenger Champions: celebrating the people within our customers who do things differently and have an impact
Challenger Champions

Early on in my working life I decided I wanted to pursue a career in technology. The pace of change…

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| | 3 minutes | Business Technology, Creativity & Innovation, Strategy, Transform Your Business
Strategic resonance is the 3rd of the 3 cornerstones reinforcing business longevity

Sustainable, balanced and ethical practices are driving new opportunities for corporate strategy to resonate with stakeholder demands as global culture…

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| | 3 minutes | Business Agility, Business Technology, Creativity & Innovation, Manufacturing, Strategy, Transform Your Business
Strategic positioning is the 2nd of the 3 cornerstones reinforcing business longevity
strategic positioning

The King is dead, long live the King! With change and renewal being the only long-term constant, business positioning and…

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