Alan Laing

As IFS’s managing director for UK and Ireland, Alan Laing is responsible for driving significant growth across the regional business for all of IFS’s products, services and channels. Having spent more than 25 years in the technology industry, Alan brings a track-record of business growth. Before joining IFS, he held executive roles at several organizations including Avaya, Oracle, and, most recently, as Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Sage’s Northern European businesses.

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How automotive supplier and thermoplastic expert COBA is tackling Covid-19
COBA is tackling Covid-19

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, IFS has been checking in on our customers to find out how they…

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Trade, the UK, and the EU – days of disputes, months of uncertainty?

We may have left the EU on 31st January, but we haven’t left behind any of the confusion and uncertainty….

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Ethics and regulation: the importance of an intelligent approach to AI
responsible AI

Elon Musk was talking sense back in 2018 when he said that AI is more dangerous than nuclear weapons. Speaking…

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Time for change: the technology powering purpose-driven business

2020’s meeting of global elites in Davos may be best remembered as a Trump vs Thunberg showdown. On one side,…

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Why technology holds the key to the UK’s productivity challenge

The Office for National Statistics last week revealed new data on the UK’s employment market, productivity and economy. New data,…

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3 Tips When Planning for Brexit Uncertainty for UK Businesses
Planning for Brexit

It seems like wasted (metaphorical) ink to write about the latest Brexit developments and how these will impact businesses tomorrow….

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Business Lessons From Rugby Champions

Teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship: values of rugby teams, yes, but also values which should form the foundation of…

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It’s not the solution; it’s how you use it

Productivity in the UK has slowed and the future is uncertain for many businesses in the manufacturing sector. From attracting…

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Let’s actually start minding the industry skills gap
Skills Gap

When I meet with IFS customers across the UK one of the most common pieces of feedback is the struggle…

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Dealing with the UK housing dilemma means thinking outside of the box
UK Housing Dilemma

It would seem that whatever the reason, the UK housing market is at a crossroads. Some sources state that the…

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Why UK economic uncertainty should not be an excuse for stagnation

As we move into the new year the current industry climate in the UK is one of deep uncertainty. In…

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A renewed focus on UK and Ireland

IFS recently appointed Alan Laing as managing director for UK & Ireland to drive growth for all of IFS’s products,…

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