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2020’s meeting of global elites in Davos may be best remembered as a Trump vs Thunberg showdown. On one side, a US president who is pulling out of the Paris climate accord, planning to revise America’s National Environmental Policy Act and continues to promote the use of fossil fuels. On the other, Thunberg, a 17-year-old…

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The Office for National Statistics last week revealed new data on the UK’s employment market, productivity and economy. New data, perhaps, but it was – in the large part – the same old story. The number of people in work is falling, as is the number of vacant posts, and productivity is stagnating, bringing the…

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Planning for Brexit

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It seems like wasted (metaphorical) ink to write about the latest Brexit developments and how these will impact businesses tomorrow. The past couple of weeks have seen negotiations, debates, agreements, extension proposals, a “pathway to a deal”, then a “great deal”… followed by negotiations, debates (you can see where this is going…). In short, uncertainty…

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Teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship: values of rugby teams, yes, but also values which should form the foundation of any business. The past few weeks have seen rugby fans the world over avidly following and analyzing all the action from the Rugby World Cup. However, business leaders could also learn a thing or two…

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Productivity in the UK has slowed and the future is uncertain for many businesses in the manufacturing sector. From attracting and retaining talent to managing processes, suppliers, and logistics: the uncertainty caused by Brexit has left a lot of questions but a scarcity of answers. But the UK doesn’t have to lag behind Europe in…

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Skills Gap

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When I meet with IFS customers across the UK one of the most common pieces of feedback is the struggle to find talent to bridge the ‘skills gap’ or ‘skills shortage’ affecting UK businesses. On the one hand, they have new technologies entering their factories, warehouses, construction sites and in-field equipment, on the other, they…

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UK Housing Dilemma

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It would seem that whatever the reason, the UK housing market is at a crossroads. Some sources state that the house building industry has responded strongly to the demand for new housing, increasing output by 55% over the last five years, while other stats show England alone has a backlog of 3.91 million homes, which…

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As we move into the new year the current industry climate in the UK is one of deep uncertainty. In the past week I have spoken with two UK business leaders who are delaying purchasing decisions in 2019 because of Brexit speculation. But Brexit isn’t the only pressure UK industries currently face. In 2017 the…

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