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Construction productivity is much more than a labor challenge

One of the biggest challenges faced by the industry is improving business and project margins. But what steps can be…

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Repeatable & Predictable Project Financial Performance – The Foundation for Success & Business Resilience

Firms in the construction and engineering industry deliver complex, high-value projects for exceedingly small profit margins. This creates major business…

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Business transformation consulting: Evergreen software and tailoring options

Ensuring an enterprise is running the latest version of software can mean the difference between market leadership and playing catch-up….

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Manufacturing Predictions 2023: The pressure is intensifying

Intense global competition, complex customer demands and tightening regulations Manufacturers are no strangers to dealing with turbulent market conditions, however…

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Breaking down the siloes: the legacy technology dilemma

No industry is immune from the famous ‘digital transformation’ buzzword, following a period of such intense social and business change….

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The larger the airline, the greater the scale of complexity – Five MRO software challenges for large airline operators

 Flying 100 million passengers across 50 countries and 500 routes via a fleet of 300+ aircraft is a staggering logistical…

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Contracting for U.S. Defense Manufacturing procurement success – the opportunities and the pressures

Contracting with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) can represent a significant revenue opportunity for A&D manufacturers, but this doesn’t…

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IFS Unleashed – Accelerate, Elevate and Unlock new possibilities for Constructors and Engineers

In this latest blog, IFS, Global Industry Director – Construction and Engineering (C&E), Chris Knight shares his thoughts on the…

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