Christian Pedersen

As chief product officer, Christian ensures that IFS products integrate the industry-leading functionality that customers demand, partners can proudly promote, and competitors cannot match. Partnering with IFS senior vice president, Product Development, Christian’s remit encompasses management of IFS products and solutions including IFS Applications, IFS Maintenix, and IFS Field Service Management. With a passion for developing, refining and adapting technology that makes a real difference for businesses, Christian is widely recognized in the industry as an innovator who places customer value above all. Christian joins IFS from SAP, where he served as global chief product officer for SAP. Before that, he worked for 14 years in several positions at Microsoft, most recently as general manager of enterprise ERP. Danish by birth, Christian resides in the U.S. in Seattle, WA, where he likes to spend time outside of work with his family, enjoying sailing and motor racing.

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It takes a village to defeat COVID-19, but digital transformation will help

After a natural disaster strikes a community, you will see neighbors joining ranks and helping each other with cleanup and recovery. It will take…

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Munters rolls out IFS Remote Assistance to 200 staff across 22 countries in just 2 weeks
Remote Assistance

Munters is a global leader in energy-efficient and sustainable air treatment solutions for demanding industrial applications and agriculture sectors. Its…

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Why APIs are as Sexy as IoT and AI

Companies in our industry right now are working very hard to prove that they have successfully integrated technologies like the…

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Élever le Field Service vers de nouveaux sommets avec IFS FSM 6
Christian 7001_blog

Si vous croyez les observateurs et les analystes de l’industrie, le marché de la gestion des services sur site pourrait…

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Enterprise applications predictions – new perspectives, panoramas and possibilities

AI will combine with new-generation sensors to create a new kind of business automation in 2019. Digital twins will help…

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Elevating field service to new heights with IFS FSM 6
Christian 7001_blog

If you believe industry watchers and analysts, the Field Service Management (FSM) market could as much as double over the…

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