SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team

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Earlier this year SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team announced its multi-year partnership with IFS. Going forward, IFS’s cloud-based ERP software will underpin the team’s racing operations and back-office needs as the team continues on its journey towards the front of the grid. After sharing this exciting news, IFS sat down with Sportpesa Racing Point F1…

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International Women’s Day

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Today it’s International Women’s Day, an initiative created to put the spotlight on the inequalities that still exist between men and women with the hope of progressing gender parity. This is a much talked about topic, but how far have we really come towards a society where people are judged based solely on who they…

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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No time like the present… or maybe tomorrow. Have you seen that comic where a medieval king in full armor turns down a machine gun salesman with the words “No thanks, I have to prepare for battle.”? It’s a nod to all those companies who are too busy doing their day-to-day to plan for the…

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Damiano Molfetta, the Sauber F1 Team’s Head of Systems Engineering

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Formula 1: The importance of getting the right data at the right time. Followers of this blog will have seen at IFS we’re hot on the topic of the Internet of Things (IoT), and that earlier this year, we announced that IFS is a Principal Partner of the Sauber F1® Team. So in light of…

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Where does change come from? Well, that depends on where YOU come from! It’s a known fact that most people don’t like change. Change means we must put in more work, change pre-existing perceptions of things and perhaps lose some control over a given situation. By simply being aware of these reasons, you can counter…

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One of the founding principles of how we work at IFS is to begin by understanding our customers’ needs and then pragmatically addressing them with a combination of innovative products and committed people. Easy to say, harder to do in reality. Often the key to success lies in the “understanding”part. Our people like to invest…

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A few weeks ago, I attended NextUp, an IT competition for eighth graders in Kista, the Silicon Valley of Stockholm. The purpose of this initiative was to increase interest in the IT industry, especially among young girls, and to let the future generation of IT professionals interact with us company representatives. At the end of…

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The main theme at the IFS World Conference is innovation and how to invent the future of ERP. But innovation doesn’t come easy. Good ideas are often hampered by thoughts like “this is not unique” or “it’s just an idea, I don’t know how to build it”. But why not reward interesting concepts just for being good ideas and leave practical worries for the experts? That was IFS’s idea when launching the IFS Innovation Award a few months ago. The challenge: give IFS an idea for how to apply technology in an innovative way and we’ll give the winner a cash prize and the opportunity to see their idea made into a product prototype. The winning idea turned out to be a smart way of…

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