Per Åsberg

Per is responsible for brand management at IFS, including CSR, messaging and brand metrics. Prior to IFS, Per was one of the people behind a market research start-up company and is a real expert on data analysis and marketing metrics.

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Q&A with SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team
SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team

Earlier this year SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team announced its multi-year partnership with IFS. Going forward, IFS’s cloud-based ERP software…

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“Hire for Culture”: the story of a purple brand
IFS Brand

2018 has started and many of us are looking forward to what is to come in the next eight or…

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Two steps towards gender equality
International Women’s Day

Today it’s International Women’s Day, an initiative created to put the spotlight on the inequalities that still exist between men…

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IFS and 80+ universities join forces to boost tech interest with the next generation
IFS Education Program

Market dynamics and disruptive technologies may be what you think threatens your business model, but a lack of competence is…

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Q&A with Damiano Molfetta, the Sauber F1 Team’s Head of Systems Engineering
Damiano Molfetta, the Sauber F1 Team’s Head of Systems Engineering

Formula 1: The importance of getting the right data at the right time. Followers of this blog will have seen…

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How organizational & national culture dictates change in a company

Where does change come from? Well, that depends on where YOU come from! It’s a known fact that most people…

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Why being a systems expert isn’t enough

One of the founding principles of how we work at IFS is to begin by understanding our customers’ needs and…

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The future generation takes IT trends for granted

A few weeks ago, I attended NextUp, an IT competition for eighth graders in Kista, the Silicon Valley of Stockholm….

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What does a 10K ERP innovation idea look like?

The main theme at the IFS World Conference is innovation and how to invent the future of ERP. But innovation doesn’t come easy. Good ideas are often hampered by thoughts like “this is not unique” or “it’s just an idea, I don’t know how to build it”. But why not reward interesting concepts just for being good ideas and leave practical worries for the experts? That was IFS’s idea when launching the IFS Innovation Award a few months ago. The challenge: give IFS an idea for how to apply technology in an innovative way and we’ll give the winner a cash prize and the opportunity to see their idea made into a product prototype. The winning idea turned out to be a smart way of…

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