digital field service management

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Does your company want to… Manage the technicians and engineers you send out on service calls more efficiently so you can expand your customer base? Ensure you earn consumers’ repeat business by improving customer service and establishing yourself as a leader in your industry? Cut your operating costs and see a healthier, more profitable bottom…

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Remote Assistance

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Munters is a global leader in energy-efficient and sustainable air treatment solutions for demanding industrial applications and agriculture sectors. Its 3,100 employees manufacture, sell and maintain specialist equipment from its operations in 30 countries. Keeping customers’ equipment operating effectively is key to the company achieving high customer satisfaction scores, and the driver behind Munters embracing…

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Service in Telecommunications

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Companies that have traditionally maintained transactional relationships with their customer have spent the last decade or so espousing the importance of customer centricity. There have been a variety of permutations of this through different sectors, but it’s been particularly interesting to see the way that telecommunications providers have sought to position themselves in the eyes…

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2020 Service Predictions

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Field service is evolving enormously in recent years and technology and customer expectations will continue to advance just as quickly. Twenty years ago, field service may have been centered on break-fix repair, but the velocity now is towards long-term, contractual arrangements that are more satisfying for the customer and more lucrative for the service provider….

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Technology in the Service Industry

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Service is part of an $18 billion massive global industry where technology is the spark and people are the glue.  We are the customer experience economy with data the next currency, but it is what people spend on services that drive our economies.  And it is the consumers who are increasingly demanding more – and…

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Santa's Impossible Mission

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Every year, Santa embarks on an impossible mission! There’s nothing more challenging than delivering presents to all the children of the world in a single night, and even Santa could use a little technological backup. Fortunately for Santa, IFS is built for the challengers! IFS offers industry-leading planning and scheduling optimization, so charting the most…

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IFS and Zebra Technologies

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As field service technicians are asked to fix increasingly complex problems, they have to draw much more frequently on external resources in order to successfully resolve those issues. IFS Labs, the innovation arm of IFS R&D, and Zebra Technologies, a leader in solutions that intelligently connect people, assets and data, are engaging in a strategic…

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servitization for process manufacturers

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Servitization is more commonly associated with discrete manufacturers, but process manufacturers are also embracing this change in business strategy. Servitization only applies to discrete manufacturing? Many people think of servitization as only being applicable to discrete manufacturers who have products that they can service and supply spare parts to, or manufacturers who can easily change…

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de-fossilize your business

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What do you think about when we talk about fossils? Dinosaur bones? A footprint in a rock? Something frozen in time, rigid, no flexibility; a shadow of the past? While fossils are cool in a museum, they are mostly of plants and animals that are extinct. No one wants to be a fossil, right? Yet…

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During my time as an independent analyst covering field service, I had the opportunity to speak with countless service practitioners about their struggles and successes with service technologies. In doing so, it became increasingly clear that service done well contributes to revenue growth. Proving that in practice was easy, at least in the abstract—I could…

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