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Every year, Santa embarks on an impossible mission!

There’s nothing more challenging than delivering presents to all the children of the world in a single night, and even Santa could use a little technological backup. Fortunately for Santa, IFS is built for the challengers!

Santa's Impossible Mission

IFS offers industry-leading planning and scheduling optimization, so charting the most effective course means less downtime and no confusing crisscrossing of the globe. IFS can even provide details for each of the jobs, so Santa can prioritize his cookie intake based on historical data, making sure to deliver to a house that leaves him celery once in a while, so as to avoid over-indulgence.

Managing order placement is a breeze as well with IFS parts management, which allocates every single toy before St. Nick even says “On Dasher.” This helps minimize idling in the sleigh, saving precious time, but also energy for the reindeers, who are working just as hard!

And if anything goes wrong, Santa can rest assured that exception alerts will show up immediately back in the home office. By building connected sensors into the sleigh, without even being on-site, the elves will be able to remotely diagnose the problem, making sure that when they show up, they only show up once.

With IFS, Santa can challenge the status quo of yuletide joy. Some might say that magic is enough to make Christmas special, but we’re talking about the most complex service job on the planet. Santa knows that to make it work, he should use the service management brand ranked #1 by Gartner in its ability to deliver complex service.

Want to see how else Santa is challenging the boundaries of excellence with IFS? Check out this video!


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    This is a beautiful story that takes curious minds behind the scenes on Santa’s spectacularly efficient night and the technology required to pull it off!


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