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Cimcorp Chooses IFS Cloud
Cimcorp CEO - Tero Peltomäki

Ensuring visibility, growth, compliance, efficiencies and of course, an exceptional ‘Moment of Service’ “We are constantly looking for technologies and…

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How IFS will help you take advantage of the network effect
IFS Cloud Network Effect

Most of us have felt the sudden application of G forces to our body from an amusement park ride, only…

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Say hello to the new IFS
IFS Moment of Service

Today we announced a refresh of the IFS brand. It’s a big milestone for the business, and there are many…

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Manufacturers: Does Your Mobile Strategy Leave Your Field Technicians Behind?
Service Management

Service companies generally agree that mobile operations have long-since reached a point of maturity in service. Well before smart devices,…

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Making Service your Competitive Edge
Service Management

When people ask “What is Service Management?” the answers usually focus on the obvious: tracking, cataloging, and optimizing service operations…

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IFS Remote Assistance wins 2021 BIG Innovation Award
IFS Remote Assistance Big Innovation Award Winner

IFS Remote Assistance has been named a winner in the 2021 BIG Innovation Awards presented by the Business Intelligence Group….

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Upgrades: discover where new capabilities can enhance value most
Pindan - Update 2020

This blog was written by guest blogger, Stephen Arndt, Managing Director of Pindan Asset Management Pty Ltd. Since 2014, Pindan…

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Racking Up Support for Sustainable Manufacturing
Sustainable Manufacturing

Helen Hauck hosts a discussion with Andy Magrini from CAEM, a shelving manufacturer with operations in Italy, Australia, India and…

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What C-level execs should know about Kubernetes-enabled enterprise software
Kubernetes-enabled software

C-level executives are probably entirely disinterested in Kubernetes as a technology. After all, other people in the organization are more…

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Let’s talk about Success: how IFS customers access expert support with IFS Application Management Services

Accurately predicting the IT staffing levels and skills needed to support new or upgraded enterprise software can be challenging. When operational…

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Success Factors for Technology Investments in the Post Pandemic Era
Digital Transformation Success Factors

The role of the technology vendor is central to digital transformation success, yet too many organizations are still receiving poor…

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Optimize your engineering consultancy business
Optimize a Consultancy Business

IFS Vice President of Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure, Kenny Ingram, shares four tips for optimizing an engineering consultancy business. These…

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