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IFS Cloud improves the maintenance of steelmaking facilities in Finland

SSAB is a leading producer in the global market of Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) and Quenched & Tempered Steels (Q&T),…

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Unlocking the true value of digital technology in Manufacturing

The speed at which digital technology advances and the way it can disrupt entire markets is truly mindboggling. Why do…

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It takes a village to raise a child … and to rebrand a company!

“I saw you changed the entire IFS brand look – that must have been an enormously complex marketing project to…

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The Challenges of Selecting Software for Project-Based Service Companies

When it comes to selecting enterprise software, you can make some general assumptions about what most companies want to achieve:…

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Technology as a facilitator for growth in the wake of a pandemic
Digital Business Models

On May 5th, I was joined by Secretary of State, Lucie Katrine Sunde-Eidem; CEO at Dolphin Drilling, Bjørnar Iversen; Communication…

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Discussing Sustainability Focused Business Practices and Initiatives with Jim Wolf of Cape Air
Cape Air Sustainability

Helen Hauck chats with Jim Wolf, Sustainability Program Director at Cape Air about their early adoption and continuing support of…

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Tech Trends for Utilities: Our Reality is Now a Merged Reality
Remote Assistance Helps Service Delivery

We are seeing unprecedented change across the industry. The addition of a global pandemic layered on top of increasing natural…

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IFS cares about mental health and wellbeing and so should you
Mental Health

Whether your workforce is preparing to return to the office, working remotely, or doing a combination of both, it’s important…

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Outcome-based engagement: the team effort behind business transformation
Karo Pharma

Sofia Sjöström, Head of Digital Finance at Karo Pharma, has led several ERP implementations in her career. Following Karo’s recent…

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Cimcorp Chooses IFS Cloud
Cimcorp CEO - Tero Peltomäki

Ensuring visibility, growth, compliance, efficiencies and of course, an exceptional ‘Moment of Service’ “We are constantly looking for technologies and…

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How IFS will help you take advantage of the network effect
IFS Cloud Network Effect

Most of us have felt the sudden application of G forces to our body from an amusement park ride, only…

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Say hello to the new IFS
IFS Moment of Service

Today we announced a refresh of the IFS brand. It’s a big milestone for the business, and there are many…

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