Lewis Pugh Antarctica Swim

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IFS is a proud supporter of Lewis Pugh’s recent expedition swimming 1 km across a supra-glacial lake in East Antarctica. Below, Pugh shares with us why he chose to swim Antarctica and his commitment to make the world a better place. People often ask me why I swim without any protection other than a cap,…

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IFS Applications Upgrade

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Last night my Tesla upgraded itself to a new software version. Apparently, it can now warn you if you’re going to run a stop sign and the automatic lane change is more “aggressive”. It got me thinking about software upgrades in general. We all experience upgrades on our computers and our phones. It’s pretty cool…

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IFS is committed to making an impact and contributing to make the world a better place, through its Corporate Social Responsibility Program and The IFS Foundation. IFS is proud to partner with Tony Hawk this year at the IFS World Conference and highlight the work of the Tony Hawk Foundation. Below is a blog written…

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