Melanie Karunaratne

Melanie Karunaratne is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at IFS and is responsible for product messaging and positioning. With her team, she helps buyers, sellers, and service providers understand how IFS solves commercial problems and creates customer value. Melanie is a seasoned marketer whose commercial experience spans hi-tech start-ups, scale-up, and global enterprises across a wide range of B2B tech areas, including CRM, IT service management, asset management, security, application development software, and semiconductor.

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IFS Cloud: A New Update for a New Reality

We’re excited to share the first twice-yearly update of IFS Cloud. As always, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve…

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How the Latest IFS Cloud Release Adds Value to Your Organization

In case you missed the news, the latest version of IFS Cloud debuted in October. This release will accelerate your…

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