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Industries, businesses, and individuals that deliver service have always held a special importance to me, and in the face of the global pandemic that we now face, the importance of service is even more obvious. As storefronts close and individuals are unable to visit the places that they need to live their lives, it’s service…

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ERP and Market Recovery

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Regardless of the reason for an economic shock, we need to view these unpleasant situations as cyclical events that will have a beginning, a middle and an end. We must manage them as projects, using many of the same thought processes and tools we would use for any other enterprise project. Enterprise resource planning (ERP)…

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digital field service management

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Does your company want to… Manage the technicians and engineers you send out on service calls more efficiently so you can expand your customer base? Ensure you earn consumers’ repeat business by improving customer service and establishing yourself as a leader in your industry? Cut your operating costs and see a healthier, more profitable bottom…

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Remote Assistance

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Munters is a global leader in energy-efficient and sustainable air treatment solutions for demanding industrial applications and agriculture sectors. Its 3,100 employees manufacture, sell and maintain specialist equipment from its operations in 30 countries. Keeping customers’ equipment operating effectively is key to the company achieving high customer satisfaction scores, and the driver behind Munters embracing…

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IFS Partner Curit

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With the strong growth that IFS is seeing I am grateful that we have long-running partners that are active in their local market. Serving customers that want to grow, improve and optimize their business. I sat down with Curit’s co-founders Aase Apple Steffensen and Carsten Kaaber to hear how it all started and how they’ve…

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Electric Battlefields

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We have seen the electrification of cars and public transport take center stage as consumers and governments tackle carbon emissions. But the military needs to play its part. The Pentagon, for example, is the biggest consumer of fossil fuels in the world according to some sources. The benefits of an electric transition for the defense…

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Commercial Finance - Structure

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Project commercial finance connects customers and contractors with operations, accounts and risk management. With construction and infrastructure margins so low, and schedule overruns so typical across the industry, well managed commercial finance can determine project profit or loss. A project-based integrated ERP that is built on the four pillars of commercial finance helps to retain…

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Construction Industry Challenges

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The Engineering and Construction industry is facing the biggest storm of disruption in its history. What should companies be doing to tackle these challenges head on to come out as a winner? Identifying Construction Industry Challenges The challenges shown below are significant.  Companies that identify the causes and take action to reduce or eliminate these…

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Coffee Break with AI

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Coffee Break with AI is brought to you by Martijn Loos and Elisio Quintino. We believe that the value of a technology should be measured by how it improves people’s lives. Although this may be cliché, it’s nonetheless important to us. Of course, technology for technology’s sake can be amusing to study and play with, but…

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