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Pros and Cons of Telecommuting

by   |    |   3 minutes  |  in Creativity & Innovation, Transform Your Business

In these turbulent times of strike, telework suddenly hits again the news media. Sometimes disputed, feared or revered, telecommuting is beginning to be more widely accepted by French companies particularly since the legislative framework in 2017. In a world of cloud and big data, let’s discuss telecommuting, remote work, flexible workplace or simply working from…

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Power Generation

by   |    |   3 minutes  |  in Energy and Utilities

Last year I predicted that energy companies needed to diversify or they would disappear. Renewable energies are no longer a plan for the future, they are a reality that make up a significant portion of our energy supply today. To compete, power generation companies are diversifying and investing in renewable energy.  But this introduces fresh business management challenges alongside traditional methods of…

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ERP Software for Finance

by   |    |   3 minutes  |  in Business Technology, Transform Your Business

A few weeks ago, IDC published a white paper*, “The Business Value of IFS Enterprise Application Solutions with Industry-Specific Use Cases.” Through in-depth interviews with customer organizations, we were able to measure the value of IFS enterprise solutions. There were lots of interesting findings, but what really caught my eye were the statistics relating to the finance function. The impact of…

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technology in automotive

by   |    |   2 minutes  |  in Automotive, Transform Your Business

Is technology the key to succeeding in today’s automotive industry? And how can technology drive success in automotive dealers? To answer these questions, let’s first take a look at the automotive market. AUTOMOTIVE MARKET OVERVIEW Worldwide car sales and car production in 2018 recorded the first drop of the last nine years, and 2019 is…

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Technology in the Service Industry

by   |    |   4 minutes  |  in Service Management

Service is part of an $18 billion massive global industry where technology is the spark and people are the glue.  We are the customer experience economy with data the next currency, but it is what people spend on services that drive our economies.  And it is the consumers who are increasingly demanding more – and…

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IFS Applications Upgrade

by   |    |   4 minutes  |  in Business Technology, IFS Applications, IFS Labs, Manufacturing, Transform Your Business

Last night my Tesla upgraded itself to a new software version. Apparently, it can now warn you if you’re going to run a stop sign and the automatic lane change is more “aggressive”. It got me thinking about software upgrades in general. We all experience upgrades on our computers and our phones. It’s pretty cool…

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Santa's Impossible Mission

by   |    |   2 minutes  |  in Creativity & Innovation, Service Management

Every year, Santa embarks on an impossible mission! There’s nothing more challenging than delivering presents to all the children of the world in a single night, and even Santa could use a little technological backup. Fortunately for Santa, IFS is built for the challengers! IFS offers industry-leading planning and scheduling optimization, so charting the most…

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IFS Applications Upgrade

by   |    |   5 minutes  |  in Business Technology, IFS Applications

Process Manufacturing, Product Estimate Management and Project Deliverables are examples of major investment areas in IFS Applications 10. Hundreds of customers have already decided to upgrade to ‘Apps 10’ to benefit from technical and functional advancements. This blog will cover reasons to upgrade to IFS Applications 10. First, it’s important to highlight the benefits of…

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IFS and Zebra Technologies

by   |    |   5 minutes  |  in IFS Labs, Service Management

As field service technicians are asked to fix increasingly complex problems, they have to draw much more frequently on external resources in order to successfully resolve those issues. IFS Labs, the innovation arm of IFS R&D, and Zebra Technologies, a leader in solutions that intelligently connect people, assets and data, are engaging in a strategic…

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