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Eight questions to identify and remove risk from your IT projects

All projects involve risk. However, large business transformation projects seem to stumble more than most, with 50% failing to deliver…

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Keeping Software Assets ‘Evergreen’
Evergreen Software

When an enterprise software vendor like IFS invests in research and development, customers benefit. This investment helps customers keep up…

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Let’s talk about Success: how IFS customers access expert support with IFS Application Management Services

Accurately predicting the IT staffing levels and skills needed to support new or upgraded enterprise software can be challenging. When operational…

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2021 digital investment: transforming business for the New Normal
Digital Investment

In these turbulent times, opportunity doesn’t wait around. Despite macro-economic disruption from the pandemic, a global research study from IFS found 52 percent of companies intend to increase their…

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Why IFS Financials is the Valued Backbone of ERP
IFS Financials

We’ve seen some very positive results off the back of our 2020 customer survey and personally, I’m pleased that our…

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Manufacturing growth– with upgraded IFS capabilities
Apresa IFS Applications Upgrade

Apresa PLP, Spain, has more than 10 years’ manufacturing experience using IFS Applications. Following its recent upgrade from IFS Applications…

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Caistor Seafoods and Flatfish: An IFS Applications 10 Upgrade Story
IFS Applications upgrade

Andrew Wright, IFS Manager at Flatfish and Caistor Seafoods, explains how, in under 12 weeks, his team—with the help of…

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How Danish manufacturer Induflex is using COVID-19 battle plans to stake out the future
Technical plastics, Induflex.jpg

Danish manufacturer Induflex has 30 years of experience in producing plastic products for retail, food and beverage, and other industrial…

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Business Value Assessments Go Digital

In the first few months of this year, nearly two billion humans were put on some form of lock-down due…

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My fridge just told me that my pizza was on recall! Really?

Is blockchain the answer to total traceability and transparency? Traceability, recall, and risk Hardly a day goes by without another…

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An IFS Upgrade Story
IFS Applications Upgrade

Last night my Tesla upgraded itself to a new software version. Apparently, it can now warn you if you’re going…

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10 Reasons to Upgrade to IFS Applications 10 for Manufacturing
IFS Applications Upgrade

Process Manufacturing, Product Estimate Management and Project Deliverables are examples of major investment areas in IFS Applications 10. Hundreds of…

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