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The Self-Service Imperative
Sarah 7004_blog

With service organizations laser-focused on advancing their Customer Experience (CX) initiatives, self-service is a critical topic. You can’t provide a…

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Elevating field service to new heights with IFS FSM 6
Christian 7001_blog

If you believe industry watchers and analysts, the Field Service Management (FSM) market could as much as double over the…

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Avoiding AI Adoption Mistakes
AI adoption mistakes

Many analysts are making predictions on the adoption of artificial intelligence, messaging apps and the convergence of the two in…

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Why IFS FSM 6? It’s the field service game changer
Field Service Management 6 Launch

At a conference earlier in Q4, I asked the 300+ attendees “are you happy with your service organization and delivery?”…

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How to Balance People and Bots in Your Retail Service Experience
Retail Service Experience

One of the greatest stumbling blocks for organizations is the transition from an AI-based interaction to live agent assistance. When…

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IFS FSM 6: ensuring the quality of our new release!

We’re now just days away from the launch of our latest version of IFS Field Service Management, FSM 6. The…

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IFS FSM 6: Delivering a superior experience….to everyone!

With the imminent arrival of the latest version of our industry leading field service management solution, IFS FSM 6, I…

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How Disconnected Systems Are Destroying the Customer Experience
Customer Experience

When asked, most executives would indicate that one of their strategic priorities is to deliver an excellent customer experience (CX)….

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Welcome to the future of field service
People Talking

Sarah Nicastro joined IFS in October – here she explains her first major initiative as Field Service Evangelist, the creation…

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Why Agent Engagement Hinges on Tool Effectiveness
agent engagement

If organizations want to deliver a great customer experience, it’s important to create a great agent experience. Research consistently indicates…

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The Foundational Pillars of Omni-Channel Success

Many organizations want to provide an omni-channel experience, but few are doing it consistently well.  If you’re a contact center…

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Where Does AI Belong in the Retail Customer Experience?
retail customer experience

One of the best first steps for successfully implementing artificial intelligence into your customer experience strategy is an evaluation of…

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