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Santa knows that spreading cheer and giving gifts is more important than ever this year. There’s no room for error when you have to crisscross the whole world in one night, so Santa doesn’t leave anything about his service delivery to chance. Santa is more optimized than ever with IFS.

Santa Claus has always had to meet the impossible expectation of visiting every good boy and girl in the world in one night, and IFS planning and scheduling optimization makes that easy. Our service management platform tracks all that Santa needs, keeping him on track to be at the right place at the right time. Not only does it automate the best route, but it also makes sure that, if there’s something like an unfriendly dog at the bottom of the chimney, that Santa is ready with a treat before he hops out of the sleigh.

IFS Santa Tracker - Service Santa

Santa’s got some new tricks up his sleeve this year, too, like IFS Appointment Assistant, which lets kids know when Santa will be there, so they can make sure they’re snuggled in bed, visions of sugarplums sufficiently dancing in their heads. This not only ties into Santa’s family engagement systems, but into his forward and reverse logistics, which means he’s putting the right presents under the tree, and is ready with returns when he finds out that he didn’t deliver the “right” baby Yoda toy.  Another new addition to his roster is Remote Assistance, which allows the elves in the back office to walk Santa through any sleigh repairs, or just help him figure out how to put together that new bicycle before the sun comes up. Santa delivers outcomes-based service, and with IFS offers guaranteed outcomes of joy and whimsy everywhere he goes.

And with tools like multi-time horizon planning, Santa can plan for the massive volume drop-off on December 26th, allowing him to enjoy a stress-free vacation with Mrs. Claus with the confidence that his systems will automatically start ramping up again when the letters start pouring in next year. Maybe, then, he’ll be able to relax for a little while, perhaps hop on a Zoom call with the Easter bunny, and not worry about the elf payroll for a few weeks. Human capital management and projects, assets and financial capabilities delivered by IFS enable Santa to work efficiently all year long.

IFS Santa Tracker - Service Santa

When you partner all these new advances with the amazing tools from IFS that Santa’s been using for years, it’s looking like another merry, bright, and strategically optimized Christmas night for old Saint Nick.

Want to see some of the other tools that IFS powers for Santa? Check out the video below! And learn more about how you can avoid being a service grinch with IFS.

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