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90 percent of Companies in the Process of re-engineering their Business 

A huge 90 percent of companies have already or are in the process of reengineering their businesses in the past year to deliver better moments of service. Yet many are…

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Tech Trends for Utilities: Our Reality is Now a Merged Reality
Remote Assistance Helps Service Delivery

We are seeing unprecedented change across the industry. The addition of a global pandemic layered on top of increasing natural…

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How Long Does it take to Schedule 40,000 Service Tasks?
Service Tasks

So, how long does it take to schedule 40,000 service tasks? With IFS, you can adjust the schedules for tens…

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To Serve and Manage: The Convergence of FSM and MWM for Utilities
FSM and MWM for Utilities

Once again IFS has full coverage in all functional capabilities in the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Mobile Workforce Management…

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Defining Your Moment of Service
Moment of Service

I’ve been in the industry long enough to understand that what drives exceptional businesses is often exceptional service. Service has,…

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Industrial machines – a move to servitization and circularity

The servitization megatrend is upon us. Industrial machine manufacturing companies are adding service revenue streams and changing their business models,…

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The Future of Service Software Flexibility Hinges on Containerization

I have always been of the mind that the most important thing that software—any software—can do is to get out…

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Planning and Scheduling Optimization and Managing Your Carbon Footprint
Carbon Footprint

A few weeks back on The Future of Field Service, I wrote an article on the importance of proper parts management and reverse logistics for…

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Is there a Place for Field Service in Retail?
Retail Field Service

I am a creature of the retail world, having spent my young and early professional life in it, both directly…

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What Does Better-Than-Desktop Service Mobility Look Like for Telco Companies?

The telecommunications profession isn’t what it used to be. With new entrants to legacy businesses, the encroachment of new technologies…

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Three Predictions for How Service Emerges Stronger Than Ever in 2021
2021 Service Trends

In a year fraught with such fear, turbulence, and complexity as 2020, it has sometimes taken effort to see the…

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Manufacturers: Does Your Mobile Strategy Leave Your Field Technicians Behind?
Service Management

Service companies generally agree that mobile operations have long-since reached a point of maturity in service. Well before smart devices,…

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