Antony Bourne

As the Senior Vice President of IFS Industries, Antony Bourne leads a team of global industry experts covering IFS focused industries, product marketing, and supports sales, marketing and partner enablement.  He is an advocate for the need for flexibility and proactivity within the industry, is a lead spokesperson for IFS, and is well respected for presenting innovative ideas at conferences (Gartner, IDC and ARC included). Penned authority pieces include insight into next steps for intelligent tech and its impact on the future of manufacturing.

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IFS Appoints New Global Industry Director to Accelerate Success in Telecommunications Industry

Markus Persson, who Drove Innovation at Ericsson for 30 Years, Joins IFS Industry Team IFS is excited to welcome a…

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Telecoms & Technology: Greater efficiencies and a better customer experience

The pace of innovation for telecoms is genuinely staggering. Just 40 years ago, we launched 1G to support our big,…

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How important are the new right to repair rulings? 

How big a problem is electronic waste? Well, according to a United Nations global report, in 2019, a whopping US $57 billion worth of high-value, recoverable materials such as gold,…

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IFS’s next evolutionary step towards evergreen enterprise software
Evergreen Software - IFS Cloud

It is impossible to run a modern enterprise—particularly a larger one with multiple locations, geographies, hundreds or thousands of employees,…

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Deliver service with a mind towards customer and employee safety

Having gone through the first global pandemic most of us can remember will change the way we think about a…

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Will AI-driven productivity result in a shorter work week?
AI shorter work week

As businesses adopt artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline or even automate many decision-making processes currently handled by humans, what will…

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2020 manufacturing predictions: connecting machines to networks and companies to end-consumers
2020 Manufacturing Predictions

While change is buffeting the industrial manufacturing industry from a number of directions, the most disruptive changes will be those…

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If Amazon did Factories
If Amazon did Factories

Amazon recently announced record profits of $3.03bn, breaking its own record for the third consecutive time. However, Amazon appears to be…

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2019 manufacturing predictions: start small, win big with AI

A new generation of point AI solutions will prove themselves in 2019. They’ll build new trust, urgency and understanding of…

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Choosing software to manage what’s next in manufacturing
Manufacturing Header

Choosing new software for your business is not easy, as many of the manufacturers I meet tell me.  Everyone says…

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3 Real-World Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence Delivering Real Value in Enterprise Applications

“AI” is one of the most overused technology buzzwords of the last 2-3 years.  But the term is not going…

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Sustainable Manufacturing: an Opportunity, Not a Punishment

As manufacturers face a customer that increasingly demands sound, eco-friendly products , they are increasingly looking at how they can…

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