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Munters rolls out IFS Remote Assistance to 200 staff across 22 countries in just 2 weeks
Remote Assistance

Munters is a global leader in energy-efficient and sustainable air treatment solutions for demanding industrial applications and agriculture sectors. Its…

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The Road to Service Excellence in Telecommunications
Service in Telecommunications

Companies that have traditionally maintained transactional relationships with their customer have spent the last decade or so espousing the importance…

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A Look at Field Service in 2020
2020 Service Predictions

Field service is evolving enormously in recent years and technology and customer expectations will continue to advance just as quickly….

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Technology is the Spark, People the Glue
Technology in the Service Industry

Service is part of an $18 billion massive global industry where technology is the spark and people are the glue. …

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Santa’s Impossible Mission: Every Second in the Field Counts and IFS is Here to Help
Santa's Impossible Mission

Every year, Santa embarks on an impossible mission! There’s nothing more challenging than delivering presents to all the children of…

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IFS and Zebra Technologies Team Up to ‘Democratize’ Field Service
IFS and Zebra Technologies

As field service technicians are asked to fix increasingly complex problems, they have to draw much more frequently on external…

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The best way to approach servitization for process manufacturing
servitization for process manufacturers

Servitization is more commonly associated with discrete manufacturers, but process manufacturers are also embracing this change in business strategy. Servitization…

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Is It Time to De-Fossilize Your Business?
de-fossilize your business

What do you think about when we talk about fossils? Dinosaur bones? A footprint in a rock? Something frozen in…

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Can you Accurately Measure the Business Impact of Service Technology?

During my time as an independent analyst covering field service, I had the opportunity to speak with countless service practitioners…

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theCUBE at IFS World Conference 2019 with Marne Martin
theCUBE Marne Martin

theCUBE is the world’s leading live interview show covering enterprise tech, innovation and the people who imagine, create and implement…

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Q&A with IFS Partner: Levilo

This is the eighth in our series of conversations with members of the IFS partner community. For this installment of our…

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How and Why to Put Service at the Heart of Your Business Success

While many organizations already provide their customers with services, they’ve missing out on the opportunity to generate sizable additional service…

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