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I’ve been in the industry long enough to understand that what drives exceptional businesses is often exceptional service.

Service has, especially in recent years, become the face of your business, the catalyst of customer ire or adoration, and an opportunity to show how you’re using technology in intelligent ways, not just to track customer behavior, not just to save on the bottom-line, but to create transformational experiences for your customers.

Your customers experience these interactions as a moment of service: is the phone or laptop connected to a network to support critical communications, did the power turn back on before the food in ones’ freezer unthawed, did the industrial equipment trigger a service visit before a failure occurred, and was an end user or technician guided through a simple repair using augmented reality, or was the end customer able to track their service technician on a map, and prepare for their arrival?

Moment of Service

Each of these have influential and powerful moments of service, have the potential to be a eureka moment for your customer, reminding them that you’re innovating with them in mind. It makes a difference, saves you resources, and works as a catalyst of growth for your business.

At IFS, we understand that smart business decisions, great training, and, critically, technology, all converge to create this moment of service for your customer. And in order for your vision to be executed without compromise, that technology needs to be the deepest, most complete solution possible, conformed to the shape of your business, and integrated across your complex, multidimensional enterprise. We provide a platform with best of breed capabilities.

At IFS, we’ve worked hard to build a service business unit that actually knows service. Our team comes from all over the service world, from every industry that touches service delivery, and we have used that domain expertise to build a solution worthy of your moment of service. And today, we’re so excited to share our next chapter of that solution, through our recent announcement of IFS cloud.

IFS Cloud takes the core philosophy that we’ve built in the service management business unit and expands it across our entire business, from the enterprise to the asset, to the parts, to the projects, through scheduling, and everything in between.

Here are five key factors that make IFS Cloud special, and essential, for delivering on the moment of service:

1. One single platform, all products

We break down barriers and bring IFS’s exceptional enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM) and field service management (FSM) together on one single platform without losing best of breed capabilities that have made IFS a leader.

2. Out of the box digital innovation

Experience intelligent Process Automation, explainable AI, IoT, augmented collaboration, digital twins of assets and expedient organization.

3. Cloud-first but not cloud-only

With IFS Cloud you get the same solution in the cloud or on-prem. This means you’ll get complete functional parity regardless of whether you opt for the cloud or require a hybrid solution that works seamlessly with any legacy infrastructure you already have.

4. Better experience, across the full lifecycle

Easy to use and maintain, our customers continuously benefit from new functionality, innovation, and best practice as a foundation of their relationship with IFS while still having the ability to upgrade and bring in new modules and capabilities when it is right for our customers.

5. Deep Industry knowledge

We live and breathe your field, making us the ideal architects to support your business and enhance the experience of your customers across your various business models and divisions.

Moment of Service

I am so proud of the work our team is continuing to do to deliver solutions catered to your moment of service. Let’s take the next step together, to maximize our moment of service, and build a service-first future for you, and your customers.

IFS Cloud takes the core philosophy that we’ve built in the service management business unit and expands it across our entire business, from the enterprise to the asset, to the parts, to the projects, through scheduling, and everything in between. This is the natural evolution of our best-of-breed service management, enterprise management, and asset management into an unmatched vehicle for growth, oversight, and optimization.

Read more defining your moment of service in this video.

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