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Service Catalog is an integral part of your field service infrastructure. It allows you to standardize and simplify your service offering while aligning your service request and fulfillment processes with automated approvals and workflows.

Achieve enhanced service levels through an organized user interface and a single point of entry, accessible by desktop or mobile devices. The new catalog makes it easy to standardize and scope services, simplifying complex service models.

Why IFS Cloud for Service Management?

IFS Cloud enables service businesses to integrate a best-in-class service management platform with their existing systems landscape for operational efficiency and revenue growth. The platform supports forward-thinking service organizations on their digital transformation journey to deliver outcome-based service and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Read the FAQ to learn more.

With the new service catalog, you have precise control over the services you provide, including delivery, pricing, and associated SLAs.

Interactive service catalog capabilities

Here’s how the Service Catalog works:

  1. Browse different services: All services are arranged into groups.
  2. Customize groups: Define which services are provided for each group and other details such as service delivery, pricing, and SLA entitlements by customer.
  3. Standardize service tasks: Apply a standard sequence of steps to each service, including resources and materials.
  4. Asset applicability: Alter the content of the catalog depending on the asset being serviced.


Watch how it works in real time. This 90-second sequence reflects the new Service Catalog experience from the user’s perspective.

Your IFS Cloud journey

IFS Cloud is a compelling next step for IFS customers. To provide you with more information about the possibilities and potential of this solution for your business, we’ve created a series of blog posts to watch out for.

For a product demonstration or to learn more, contact your IFS account executive.

To discover more of the improvements, new features and new innovations embedded in the IFS Cloud platform, watch our webinar where Mark Brewer, VP Service Industries explains the how, what, when and why of an upgrade & the service management functionality available.

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