Mark Brewer

Vice President for the Service Industry, Mark has been helping organizations drive business transformation for over 20 years. From bringing Service Lifecycle Management solutions to market with Servigistics to introducing Connected FSM to the marketplace with PTC. Mark has worked with some of the world’s largest service organizations including Coca Cola, Dell, GE Healthcare and ThyssenKrupp. In March 2017, Mark was named as one of the most influential people in field service by Field Service News.

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IFS Predictions 2024: AI will revolutionize Service, driving altogether new, smarter use cases: Five Significant AI-fueled Service Trends

As generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning pervade more and more operations and processes across the service sector, Mark…

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The key to service profitability and business growth is workforce optimization

IFS Planning and Scheduling Optimization (PSO) is well known for driving down costs and increasing efficiency and throughput in field…

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Service: Your Profit Powerhouse Five Opportunities for Manufacturers in 2023

As we wrestle with global economic uncertainty, offering aftermarket services can provide a valuable continuous revenue stream, especially for manufacturers…

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What will 2023 hold for the Facilities Management Sector

Mark Brewer, VP Service Industries at IFS, shares his insights for the Facilities Management (FM) sector through 2023… PREDICTION #1:…

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Five Significant Field Service Trends for 2023

As companies attempt to orchestrate new product-as-a-service business models, adopt circular economy ambitions and rise to increasing customer and employee…

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Service City – creating a service-driven community at IFS Unleashed

Times of change, challenge, and growth IFS has come a long way over the last three years. Not only have…

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Facilities Management: Technology Trends

The past few years have forced us to reinvent how we manage and serve our customers. Within Facilities Management, we’ve…

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Increase the Productivity of your Service Team Despite the Global Skills Shortage
IFS Field Service Management

Faced with what feels like a never-ending global skills shortage, service organizations are turning to technology to counter an ever-shrinking…

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As the world embraces, and expects, smart connected devices, the telecommunications sector is under ever more pressure to deliver fast,…

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Optimized service through transformative orchestration

Increasingly, manufacturers are looking to deliver superior service offers to differentiate their brands, increase margins and secure customer loyalty. As…

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Thanks to IFS’s service management customers for helping us stay safe at home
IFS customers

Many of us right now are at home, except for the essential workers that provide the products and services that…

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IFS FSM 6: Delivering a superior experience….to everyone!

With the imminent arrival of the latest version of our industry leading field service management solution, IFS FSM 6, I…

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