Stephen Jeffs-Watts

Stephen is SVP Service Applications at IFS R&D, with over 15 years’ experience of working with field service organizations in driving business transformation and improving customer experiences. Stephen leads all our product teams working in Service Management and has gained a broad experience through working across the globe, involvement in company acquisitions and close collaboration with analysts, industry groups, our customers and partners. Stephen has a passion for bringing innovation to market through strong product strategies, closely aligned to market needs and ensures that all our customers are able to transform their businesses and deliver their moments of service on-time, every-time through the use of our product.

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Service Management in IFS Cloud: Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance provides technicians with instant access to experts who can help them resolve problems they encounter while working in…

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Service Management in IFS Cloud: Service Catalog
Service Management in IFS Cloud

Service Catalog is an integral part of your field service infrastructure. It allows you to standardize and simplify your service…

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IFS Cloud: Enhanced Mobile Functionality
IFS Cloud for enhanced mobile functionality

The most efficient and productive remote workforces are connected, relying on integrated field service management technology and real-time data to…

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IFS FSM 6 : Garantir la qualité de notre nouvelle version !

Nous sommes maintenant à quelques jours du lancement de notre dernière version d’IFS Field Service Management: FSM 6. L’équipe d’IFS…

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IFS FSM 6: ensuring the quality of our new release!

We’re now just days away from the launch of our latest version of IFS Field Service Management, FSM 6. The…

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Service Management Reflections for Barcelona

The 2013 IFS World Conference was a fantastic event, during which a number of future trends and challenges for service…

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Proving the Value of Service Provision; More than Meets the Eye!

Managers and executives engaged in field service or maintenance often talk about how customers are becoming more demanding. But how…

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