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Managing a large mobile workforce can be a daunting task. The job can be time-consuming, complex, and prone to error, from scheduling appointments to managing travel time. But what if there was a way to automate the process and make it more efficient, while also reducing costs and improving customer experience?

That’s where IFS AI-powered Planning and Scheduling Optimization came into play for PHS, a market leader in hygiene washroom services in the UK.

In a recent presentation Mark Brewer, VP of Service Industries IFS, shared the success story of PHS, alongside Stephen Male Head of Planning and Scheduling for the PHS Group. PHS faced the challenge of managing a substantial mobile workforce, which included over 1000 vans covering the whole of the UK. The company needed a solution that would help them reduce travel time, increase productivity, and improve customer experience.

By leveraging IFS AI-powered Planning and Scheduling Optimization, PHS was able to achieve a 35% reduction in travel time, which led to an increase in customer-facing time. The solution also helped the company reduce CO2 emissions and fuel bills while increasing productivity and automation. With the advent of electric vehicles, the solution was able to incorporate EVs into the routing and scheduling process, making it even more efficient.

Steven shared his experience of deploying the AI-powered solution. He explained how the solution helped PHS increase visits per day, reduce miles, and improve the overall customer experience. With over 100,000 visits per week, the solution was critical in managing the company’s dynamic workforce.

The AI-powered solution also helped PHS reduce the need for planners and dispatchers, as the tool was able to automate the process and determine who should get the work. This led to a significant transformation in PHS’s workforce management process and helped the company achieve its goals of reducing costs and improving customer experience.

The PHS story is a great example of how AI-powered workforce management solutions can help companies achieve their goals of reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving customer experience. With the power of AI, companies can automate complex processes, reduce errors and make better decisions, leading to a more efficient and effective workforce management process.

You can watch the full interview here: PHS | IFS at The Workplace Event

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