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Experience will be everything in 2019—starting with your customer

In 2019, as Customer Experience (CX) becomes the key success factor for many Field Service Organizations (FSOs), tackling the talent…

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The Self-Service Imperative
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With service organizations laser-focused on advancing their Customer Experience (CX) initiatives, self-service is a critical topic. You can’t provide a…

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IFS FSM 6: Delivering a superior experience….to everyone!

With the imminent arrival of the latest version of our industry leading field service management solution, IFS FSM 6, I…

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How Disconnected Systems Are Destroying the Customer Experience
Customer Experience

When asked, most executives would indicate that one of their strategic priorities is to deliver an excellent customer experience (CX)….

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Geofencing in Field Service—it’s time to lift the barrier
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A recent Forrester research study pointed out that organizations leading in customer experience outshined laggards by a significant margin in…

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Field Service Buzzwords: ‘Seamless’

In my last blog I explained the experience outcome economy using a cup of coffee as an example. In this…

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Field Service Buzzwords: A Blog Series
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It’s an exciting time to be involved in the service industry, but with so many technology buzzwords flying around—artificial intelligence,…

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Is unified commerce putting the customer experience back on center stage as it should be?
Is unified commerce putting the customer experience back on center stage as it should be?

In these days of fake news, there is a tendency to dramatize the fact that change is constant and occurs…

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