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How listening is essential to navigate the storm

The pandemic compelled consumers to shift their expectations more rapidly and completely than we’ve seen at any other time in history. A company’s ability to listen to what consumers expect, think, and now demand at the Moment of Service™ will be the difference between sinking or swimming in 2022.

What’s causing the strong currents?

In a 2021 report, Accenture brings to light the Reimagined consumer – those who have changed their buying habits as a result of the last two years. 50% of participants in this study said they have revised their personal purpose and what is important in life, and there’s a resounding sentiment that companies have not had enough understanding of consumer needs during these challenging times.

It’s no longer just about a product or a service, it’s about how a brand makes the consumer think and feel, whether you’re B2B OR B2C, the gap is closing, and brands must differentiate themselves to survive and discover new paths to growth.

Part of this experience expectation lies in technological advancements. COVID-19 has seen technology adaptation skyrocket and digital transformation accelerate beyond anticipation. As Accenture has found, the new technology and experiences introduced during the pandemic have unpredictably become consumer expectations, and it’s now time to re-evaluate digital experiences that businesses need to thrive, not just survive, and create a new level of differentiation.

How to swim against the tide

To continue to prosper, businesses need to transition to convenient, simple to use, enjoyable, intuitive, often self-service, digital-first experiences that are driven by a deeper level of consumer understanding. But to truly understand the growing demand and expectations of the customer, businesses need to find a way to not just listen but generate actionable insights.

“Organizations across industries are rapidly attempting to establish a next normal for their businesses whereby a shift is needed to engage customers differently. Over the past 12-15 months, experiences have moved from in-person to contactless or remote. This dynamic has put the onus on organizations to provide enhanced experiences in a different way while still delivering value in each engagement, regardless of the channel of delivery.” – IDC Report

Providing the life jacket of the future

The ability to listen to the beliefs, emotions, and expectations of their customers will be the difference between success and failure for many businesses in 2022. Whilst many organizations have existing survey or feedback programs in place, they don’t provide the actionable insight needed to drive the change customers are not just expecting but demanding.

IFS Customer Experience Management provides insight into what is happening at every step of the customer journey. We make sure you’re asking the right questions, at the right time to the right audiences to gain the data, stories, and actionable insights you need to drive change, improve efficiencies, and deliver when it matters most – at the Moment of Service.

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