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12 months after the acquisition of award-winning feedback platform, Customerville, the IFS team take a step back to review how far we’ve come, the growing need and demand for experience feedback and what the future holds for the joint product roadmap.

In July 2021 we proudly announced the acquisition of Customerville – a comprehensive solution that integrates feedback collection, analysis, distribution, and action into a single, interconnected platform.

Max Israel, Founder and Creator of Customerville comments “IFS has proven to be every bit the great fit we thought it was.  We’ve become a part of a bigger mission – and a team that has the drive, talent, and discipline to meet that challenge. The first 12 months have a been a huge learning curve and we are now in a stronger position than ever before. Our customer’s interest has peaked and are now seeing the true value IFS Customerville brings when embarking on a digital transformation project with IFS.”

Integrating this platform into our own IFS Cloud offering creates a strong proposition that further cements our dedication to our customers in creating amazing moments of service. In order to ensure these moments of service are indeed outstanding and fulfil customer expectations, feedback is essential. However, too many organizations are navigating their digital transformation programs by just relying on business data, which only tells them a fraction of what they need to know to make informed business decisions that will drive success. Organizations need to be listening to their customers at every step of the customer journey.


Over the last 3 years we have seen the importance of customer experience and feedback skyrocket. Businesses that are going through times of change, challenge, and growth critically rely on feedback to guide them in the right direction, understand their business landscape and really listen to their customers to ensure they are innovating in ways that matter. This couldn’t be truer for one of our long-standing customers, Travelzoo, who relied heavily on their customer feedback to guide them through the challenging and disruptive time of the global pandemic.

“When the pandemic took hold, the travel industry came to a literal standstill. Travel and tourism were among the worst-hit industries and there were times our future was uncertain. Our IFS Customerville solution was an essential tool to navigate one of the most turbulent times many of us have ever experienced. We knew listening to our customers would help us understand how to continue running our business in a way that matched what they really expected from us. I am confident in saying it was a huge factor in the way my organization managed through the pandemic storm, and it continues to be instrumental to the success of our service operations post-pandemic.” Lisa Oswald, SVP & Global Head of Customer Service at Travelzoo.

Just 9 months after IFS’s acquisition of Customerville, survey and feedback capabilities are extended in IFS Cloud. Survey triggers are activated when certain events occur, providing customers with the ability to gather contextual insight in the moment. Looking ahead at a joint product roadmap there is an enormous potential for the power of these two platforms combined.

“The importance of Voice of the Customer continues to be prominent, but we are also seeing this rapidly evolve and diversify, which provides huge opportunity for our combined offering. With Gartner predicting a move towards Experience Insight Management Applications, which extends feedback and listening to the entire organization, we are looking at how IFS Customerville develop beyond our core customer experience offering. Bringing feedback from across the business and silos of people together will create an even stronger and deeper insight to fuel more informed business decisions. We are really excited for the future and how IFS Customerville in not only how it can continue to impact the success of our customers but the how that leads to the success of their end customers and employees.” Marne Martin, President of Service Management at IFS.

If you’re embarking on a digital or business transformation project, or want to add listening and feedback as part of your success strategy, find out more here:

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