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Isn’t It About Time Reverse Logistics Got the Spotlight It Deserves in Field Service?
Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is a hidden gem for organizations looking for the best ways to cut costs while improving the customer experience….

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5 Ways EAM Software Mobility & Usability Improve Plant Efficiency

In the asset-intensive industry, usability is becoming a subject of increasing priority. If we look back at the early days…

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War on Pirates: What is the role of IFS Applications?

Although you may not read about it every day, the war on pirates is an ongoing battle. NATO’s counter-piracy project, Operation…

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World-class Supply Chain Management Key to Sales Expansion for Stadium

This year, Stadium AB, Sweden’s largest sport retailer, marks its 40th year in business. Today, Stadium is one of the…

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And the sooner you use enterprise software, the quicker the ROI!

Last week Martin Gunnarsson blogged that “Owning enterprise software doesn’t add value to your business; using it does.” How true…

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PODCAST: Improve the Customer Experience with Service Management Software

As products themselves become mere commodities, we need to differentiate ourselves through services. And that is more difficult than it…

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PodcastPodcast: IFS announces wins and go-lives in key industries
IFS Podcast

Slap on those earbuds, hit play, and get the latest on what IFS has going on in these exciting industries!…

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Observations from Field Service Medical
IFS Medical Devices

Thank you to all who visited IFS at Field Service Medical in San Diego, CA! The Field Service Medical Conference…

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A quick view into the reverse logistics marketplace
A quick view into the reverse logistics marketplace

There is no one model that defines the reverse logistics marketplace. After attending a couple of conferences regarding reverse logistics,…

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VSMC Reaps Rewards from IFS Mobility Solutions

Mobile devices and what they enable employees to do are a central part of the story of IFS customer VSMC and its deployment of a single uniform mobility solution across its international operations.

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The Most Under-appreciated Link in the Energy Value Chain?

Companies in the energy sector are getting a lot of attention these days. New and innovative technologies are making more…

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Civil Aviation Should See Maintenance as a Profit Center
civil aviation mro software

The Wall Street Journal has shown that there is very little room for profit in the aviation industry. In fact,…

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