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The Stats are in: Myopic Software Initiatives are Hindering Business Growth
Digital Transformation

Over a quarter (27 percent) of respondents report that being locked into a technology vendor has, or is, disrupting transformation…

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| | 6 minutes | Service
Is It Time to De-Fossilize Your Business?
de-fossilize your business

What do you think about when we talk about fossils? Dinosaur bones? A footprint in a rock? Something frozen in…

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Robots that move your manufacturing
IFS Labs

Many of our customers are true challengers in their field. They have high ambitions and are prepared to do something…

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Taking sustainability seriously is not an option it’s an opportunity for innovative growth

For many years the world has seen organizations founded to drive progress in environmental sustainability. The list is long, and…

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| | 3 minutes | Energy, Utilities & Resources
How companies can take advantage of the mining industry recovery

The cost-cutting and downsizing of the last few years in the mining industry is at an end. Now, with global…

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A Quantum Leap in Computing Power

At IFS Labs, we do a lot of things. We take our inspiration from consumer technologies and innovative solutions from…

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Elevating field service to new heights with IFS FSM 6
Christian 7001_blog

If you believe industry watchers and analysts, the Field Service Management (FSM) market could as much as double over the…

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| | 4 minutes | Automotive, Creativity & Innovation
Formula E – a test bed for automotive innovation from track to road

The impact of electric vehicles on the future direction of the automotive industry is going to be huge. According to…

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Help, robots will replace our jobs!

Well, at least I don’t believe that. They will definitely change the how we work or, even better, how we…

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IIoT – Why is it not happening
Connected Phone header

Fifteen years ago, I was studying for a master’s degree in industrial automation at a technical university. We learned about…

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No looking back: The automotive industry’s path to future innovation
Mercedes-Benz Actros Outside Mirror

The world’s leading trade show for transport, logistics and mobility, The International Automotive Fair (IAA) for Commercial Vehicles, kicked off…

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| | 3 minutes | Creativity & Innovation, Digital Transformation, Service
Taking IoT on the Voyage of Discovery: unlocking the real value in Field Service
Data Analysis Image

We are seeing the growing demand to integrate connected devices for field service operations. In a recent study by IFS,…

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