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The employee experience has never mattered more – and the pressure on HR teams to improve it has never been greater. Let’s explore the issues and – more importantly – look at how technology can be the solution.

The Challenge: Facilitating and Supporting Remote Working

The HR team has always been busy but since March 2020 the workload has become even more intense. Nearly 90% of HR teams say their workload has increased.

HR is now responsible for supporting the remote workplace, facilitating remote and hybrid working. It’s a vital role because ensuring workers have everything they need to do their job and do it well are critical factors in maintaining employee engagement and the employee experience.

Then there are the psychological aspects to consider. Wellness and mental health support have always been in HR’s remit, but they’ve never been needed more. According to Gartner, the pandemic has negatively impacted the health of 55% of the global workforce.

The Challenge: Tackling the Great Resignation

The other critical factor right now is attracting and retaining the best talent, something that has become much harder in the wake of the pandemic. Nearly 30% of workers are considering moving to a new job this year. Research shows that almost 90% of managers say their business currently has vacancies and 55% say finding new staff is harder now than before the pandemic hit.

Maintaining an exceptional employee experience is a key factor in tackling the Great Resignation and HR has to be at the forefront of the efforts.

Using Technology to Rebuild the Employee Experience

In short, HR has more work – and more important work – than ever before. At the same time, there are exactly the same number of hours in the day, which is why the pressure has increased so much.

So what’s the answer?

It’s Enterprise Service Management technology. Because using technology to drive efficient service management can transform HR and give teams the time and headspace to focus on what really matters. Here’s how.

Remove repetitive admin tasks to free up time for the more important things

HR often finds itself snowed under with admin tasks. Answering routine calls and emails, saving contracts, scheduling meetings, and tracking down information all take time the team simply doesn’t have any longer.

IFS assyst gives you drag-and-drop HR process automation that can help you manage up to 80% of your daily operational HR workload. It’s a solution that frees up you and your team to pursue strategic sourcing, engagement, and personnel development initiatives.

Watch our 15-minute webinar to see how IFS assyst helps you automate your day-to-day workload

Keep employees happy with HR processes that just work

We’ve all experienced a situation where a process has let us down. But there are some processes that matter more than others. Let’s take onboarding, for example. The first few days, weeks, and months at an organization set the tone for a new employee’s time at the company. Creating an exceptional onboarding experience is therefore vital.

Get it right and rewards are high. Gallup finds that employees who had exceptional onboarding experiences are 2.6 times as likely to be extremely satisfied with their workplace – and therefore more likely to stay.

So it’s troubling that according to Gallup, nearly one in five employees reports that their most recent onboarding was poor or that they received no onboarding at all.

Digital HR service solutions can automate the onboarding process so none of the practicalities slip slips between the cracks – and you can focus your efforts on the human aspects of onboarding.

This 15-minute webinar shows you how IFS assyst automates and improves onboarding

Make your HR teams more visible, accessible, and responsive

Dealing with routine calls and emails is frustrating for HR – it’s also frustrating for workers.

HR and management consultant Susan M. Heathfield notes: “few employees understand the constant balancing act the HR organization has to achieve to perform its role responsibly. HR must provide flawless administration services while also operating as a strategic partner to the business.”

A digital HR service catalogue provides an efficient interface with employees, allowing you to deliver the flawless administration services they expect. FAQs help people self-serve so they feel empowered, engaged, and supported. The omnichannel experience means everything works everywhere, reducing frustration. Plus because everything’s in a single system you get operational reporting statistics so you can spot trends and target improvements.

See how IFS assyst helps HR teams add even more value to the business

Using Technology to Put the Employee Experience Back on Track

Over the past two years, the role of HR has fundamentally transformed and the employee experience has become more important than ever.

IFS assyst gives you confidence that the basics of an exceptional employee experience are covered. It gives you and your team the headspace you need to focus on the aspects of your job that only humans can do. It means you’re equipped to take your employee experience to the next level and beyond.

Discover how IFS assyst is helping organizations across the globe to transform their HR function.

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