IFS and Zebra Technologies

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As field service technicians are asked to fix increasingly complex problems, they have to draw much more frequently on external resources in order to successfully resolve those issues. IFS Labs, the innovation arm of IFS R&D, and Zebra Technologies, a leader in solutions that intelligently connect people, assets and data, are engaging in a strategic…

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When it comes to describing IFS customers and IFS itself, the word of choice this week at IFS World Conference (WoCo) is ‘challengers.’ Challengers is apt for IFS, which seeks to further differentiate its approach from that of other mid-market ERP players while, at the same time, looking to face off more against enterprise applications…

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Today’s customers want their engagements with software vendors to be much more proactive and business-focused than in the past, which is why IFS showcased new support offerings this week at IFS World Conference (WoCo). Traditionally, IFS has provided customers with technically-focused support services where the emphasis was on IFS being very reactive and responsive. “The…

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IFS Hero

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With the formal launch of this week of IFS Community at IFS World Conference (WoCo), IFS is committing to an endeavor the software vendor has never done before – the bringing together of IFS customers, partners, and employees on a single peer-to-peer support platform to share knowledge and solve problems. “IFS Community will bring the…

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While many organizations already provide their customers with services, they’ve missing out on the opportunity to generate sizable additional service revenue. This can be achieved by deepening the range of the services companies currently offer their customers as well as by leveraging customer data to add productized services and outcome-based services into the mix. This…

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Women in Technology

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A diverse workforce is particularly important today when the problems businesses have to solve are increasing in complexity. “When you bring together people with different perspectives, they have a different way of looking at things,” said Cindy Jaudon, president of IFS Americas. She was one of the panelists during a thought leadership breakfast meeting held…

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