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When it comes to describing IFS customers and IFS itself, the word of choice this week at IFS World Conference (WoCo) is ‘challengers.’ Challengers is apt for IFS, which seeks to further differentiate its approach from that of other mid-market ERP players while, at the same time, looking to face off more against enterprise applications…

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Seeing is believing. In the technology world, it’s easy to get caught up on what’s to come while the actual innovations take their time to reach the market. But at IFS World Conference, taking place this week in Boston, attendees don’t have to tax their imaginations to envision how artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR)…

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Artificial intelligence (AI) gets plenty of attention these days in the context of business transformation, but organizations should not view it as a cure-all for all business problems. That was the clear message delivered during a morning session on intelligent and autonomous solutions today at IFS World Conference, taking place this week in Boston. The…

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IFS runs IFS

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Did you know that IFSrunsIFS? This should be expected – that we would be ‘dogfooding’ – but our journey to move into the cloud, on the latest version of IFS Applications in 6 months was achievable, though not without its challenges. Earlier this year, we formally acknowledged the opportunity to improve the way we work, to use our…

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While many organizations already provide their customers with services, they’ve missing out on the opportunity to generate sizable additional service revenue. This can be achieved by deepening the range of the services companies currently offer their customers as well as by leveraging customer data to add productized services and outcome-based services into the mix. This…

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Challenger of the Year Awards

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IFS announced today the winners of the first annual Challenger of the Year Awards. The IFS Challenger of the Year Awards were established to celebrate the greatest achievements among customers using IFS solutions to gain a competitive advantage or create value through innovation. The awards recognize customer success in three main categories: The Wave Maker,…

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The customer is in charge. That was a prevailing theme throughout the first full day of activity at this year’s IFS World Conference, taking place this week in Boston. IFS CEO Darren Roos set the tone during his morning welcome, saying the company made this year’s event more customer-centric in response to feedback from last…

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Women in Technology

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A diverse workforce is particularly important today when the problems businesses have to solve are increasing in complexity. “When you bring together people with different perspectives, they have a different way of looking at things,” said Cindy Jaudon, president of IFS Americas. She was one of the panelists during a thought leadership breakfast meeting held…

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IFS Partner of the Year Awards

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The winners of the 2019 IFS Partner of the Year Awards are announced! IFS is pleased to present the winners of the fourth annual IFS Partner of the Year Awards, a global initiative that celebrates the success and innovation driven by partners throughout the global  IFS partner ecosystem. Winners of the IFS Partner of the Year…

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