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theCUBE at IFS World Conference 2019 with Rahul Saha & Michael Ouissi
theCUBE Michael Ouissi

theCUBE is the world’s leading live interview show covering enterprise tech, innovation and the people who imagine, create and implement…

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| | 6 minutes | Business Technology, Events
Challenging Times Demand Challengers: An IFS World Conference Recap

When it comes to describing IFS customers and IFS itself, the word of choice this week at IFS World Conference…

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| | 4 minutes | Business Technology, Events
Demos at IFS World Conference Show Advanced Technology in Action

Seeing is believing. In the technology world, it’s easy to get caught up on what’s to come while the actual…

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| | 4 minutes | Creativity & Innovation, Events
Using AI to Deliver Value

Artificial intelligence (AI) gets plenty of attention these days in the context of business transformation, but organizations should not view…

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| | 6 minutes | Events
IFS World Conference Day 2 Recap: Having the Courage to Be a Challenger
For The Challengers

Addressing IFS World Conference attendees today, the first man to swim across the North Pole spoke about courage. He urged…

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We Walked Six Months in Your Shoes
IFS runs IFS

Did you know that IFSrunsIFS? This should be expected – that we would be ‘dogfooding’ – but our journey to…

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| | 6 minutes | Events, Service
How and Why to Put Service at the Heart of Your Business Success

While many organizations already provide their customers with services, they’ve missing out on the opportunity to generate sizable additional service…

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IFS announces winners of the inaugural Challenger of the Year Awards
Challenger of the Year Awards

IFS announced today the winners of the first annual Challenger of the Year Awards. The IFS Challenger of the Year…

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| | 5 minutes | Events
IFS World Conference Day 1 Recap: Mind the Customer

The customer is in charge. That was a prevailing theme throughout the first full day of activity at this year’s…

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| | 5 minutes | Creativity & Innovation, Events, Transform Your Career
Build Diversity to Reframe and Solve Business Problems
Women in Technology

A diverse workforce is particularly important today when the problems businesses have to solve are increasing in complexity. “When you…

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| | 4 minutes | Events, Partner
IFS honors winners of annual partner awards program
IFS Partner of the Year Awards

The winners of the 2019 IFS Partner of the Year Awards are announced! IFS is pleased to present the winners of…

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| | 4 minutes | Creativity & Innovation, Events
Bringing the business together with innovation and teamwork
Resolute - Jodie Hatch Challenger Champion

A chat with Challenger Champion Jodie Hatch, Chief Technology Officer at Resolute Mining. Resolute Mining is no stranger to innovation….

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