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When we started planning for IFS Unleashed, we placed value as the core theme for our new-look global community event. The last two years have created new decision-making dynamics and put organizations under immense pressure to clearly demonstrate tangible returns on their investments and the value they create for the organization. 

That’s why unleashing value is at the heart of our new immersive event format, keynotes, sessions and tracks: we want to show you how and why IFS and its software, customer success services and cloud technology are best placed to help you realize value in your business for your industry. 

So why, should you attend? And what can you expect to leave with? 

Maximize value from technology investment

At IFS Unleashed attendees will explore the value technology delivers and discover new ways to maximize value in their specific business. IFS Unleashed is the best place to really understand how and why Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, remote sensing, Cloud computing, automation, and digital twins can help you create an intelligent and autonomous business. To help, our industry and technology experts will be on hand and they are on a mission to make this relevant to you and your challenges. We’ll also unpack how being evergreen with IFS Cloud means continuous value realization. Last but not least, unleashing value also means empowering your employees and our specific sessions will look at what technology innovation means for your employees’ experience and productivity and how it can really help them become more efficient and achieve greater outcomes. 

Learn what’s next

Our senior leadership will highlight how our R&D investments are centered around key strategic initiatives, that will help you deploy into the cloud and realize your business benefits faster. With more and more businesses shifting their business models to gain strategic competitive advantage, we’ll examine how to connect your entire value chain to curate loyalty and deliver when it matters most: in the Moment of ServiceTM.

Gather insights and share knowledge

IFS Unleashed has more industry focus than any event we’ve hosted before. It is simply the best way to amass and discuss invaluable industry knowledge, insight and expertise. Choose from industry sessions in our industry zones, or product breakouts and panels as well as one-to-one discussions with our senior leadership and subject matter experts.  

Networking opportunities at IFS Unleashed this year will be second to none. You’ll be mixing and meeting with business and technology professionals and peers during sessions, throughout the exhibition, at lunches and, of course, during our evening social events including the Welcome Beach Party and our Appreciation Night. IFS customers can choose to participate in two half-days of training after the event, with a choice of technical and functional sessions. 

We’re pulling out all the stops to ensure that our all-new face-to-face global community event will see every attendee leave with practical insights and learnings they can share and apply in their organization on return.  Look for yourself: see the latest agenda and updates and ticket offers today. 

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