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3 Things I learned at the IFS World Conference 2012

One thing I always make sure to do a few days after is to spend a couple of hours reflecting on what the event actually meant to me, IFS, and our customers.

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What does a 10K ERP innovation idea look like?

The main theme at the IFS World Conference is innovation and how to invent the future of ERP. But innovation doesn’t come easy. Good ideas are often hampered by thoughts like “this is not unique” or “it’s just an idea, I don’t know how to build it”. But why not reward interesting concepts just for being good ideas and leave practical worries for the experts? That was IFS’s idea when launching the IFS Innovation Award a few months ago. The challenge: give IFS an idea for how to apply technology in an innovative way and we’ll give the winner a cash prize and the opportunity to see their idea made into a product prototype. The winning idea turned out to be a smart way of…

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Put IFS Mobile Enterprise Apps on Trial Today

Seriously – I’m challenging you to put IFS on trial today. This week at IFS World Conference 2012, we’ve been sharing our mobility news and future roadmap. One announcement made by Dan Matthews is the launch of seven new IFS Touch Apps, which are free for you to try out today.

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BYOB (Bring Your Own Behavior) is a Driving Factor in the Adoption of Enterprise Mobility Applications

A CFO once said to me when we discussed mobility; “I don’t want an IT-project, I want a business development…

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5 Highlights for IFS World Conference – #IFSWoCo2012
World Conference logo

Five days to my first IFS World Conference in Gothenburg. As the conference theme “Innovation” suggests, we will be discussing all that is fresh and innovative. We’ll showcase the latest industry trends to help you benefit swiftly from the cutting-edge technology innovations to enhance operational efficiency and increase ROI.

If you are joining us this year, I have five highlights that I’m looking forward to…

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