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| | 4 minutes | Events
Looking Ahead: Get faster. Get educated. And come to Atlanta.

The finale of IFS World Conference brought us an exhortation to be faster and cheaper, to get more kids into science and technology – and to get ready for Atlanta 2018.

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| | 3 minutes | Automotive, Events
Automotive trends: new rules of the road

Technology is transforming automotive design and strategy. From 3D printing to the rise of the autonomous car, there are new logistical challenges.

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| | 3 minutes | Business Technology, Events
IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence 8.1 – What’s new?

EOI is now a fully integrated operational intelligence product in the IFS family. And with the new version 8.1 we’re allowing you to do more, better.

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| | 2 minutes | Business Technology, Creativity & Innovation, Digital Transformation, Energy, Utilities & Resources, Events, IFS Applications, IFS Labs, Service
A new way to think about drones and business applications

How IFS Labs connected an actual flying drone to IFS Applications. Digital transformation is a subject that is much spoken…

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| | 3 minutes | Events, Supply Chain
Efficient warehouse data collection – straight into IFS

  Jakob Björklund IFS Where are we going with our warehouse data collection solution? We see a great benefit in…

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| | 5 minutes | Events, IFS Academy, IFS Labs
Drones, eLearning and partnerships: what’s next for IFS?

Fancy controlling a drone from an IFS Lobby? What other tech will make your life better? And how are we changing how we work with partners?

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| | 2 minutes | Events
GIS: helping you understand the geography of your business

GIS gives you a whole new visual view on your IFS Applications data. Alongside our partner Esri, here are some simple examples of how it can revolutionize your planning.

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| | 5 minutes | Digital Transformation, Events, IFS Applications
Evry: Playing for digital advantage with application management

Every company need digital advantage, and mature application management is a great, sustainable way to get it. Evry shows us how to get it.

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| | 3 minutes | Events, IFS Applications
More great tips for IFS Applications users

Here are some more great tips for making your life working in IFS Applications easier, faster – and quite possible more fun.

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| | 3 minutes | Events, IFS Applications
Great tips for using IFS Applications you might not know

Every IFS Applications user may have forgotten some useful little bits of functionality – or never discovered it. Janet Apollo shares some great tips.

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| | 5 minutes | Aerospace & Defense, Events
IFS Tail Planning Optimization & Assignment: Aerospace & defense break-out session

Civil aviation tail planning is getting more complex – and Emirates is growing fast. Optimizing use of the fleet safely is critical and IFS is delivering.

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| | 4 minutes | Energy, Utilities & Resources, Events
IFS Managed Cloud in practice: Jacopa case study

Why move to the cloud? And what will your experience be? Recent IFS Managed Cloud customer Jacopa shares their experience with an urgent install project.

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