Chris Knight

As part of the wider Industries team at IFS, Chris is responsible for connecting with customers and prospects, empathizing with their business pain points, providing advice and guidance inside and outside of the company to ensure our Construction and Engineering industry solution continues to deliver value. Internally, as an industry expert, he actively support many parts of the business including marketing, business development, sales and partner enablement channels. Outwardly, he advocates for the need for flexibility and proactivity within the industry and as part of this represent IFS by engaging with industry analysts including Gartner, IDC and ARC. An important part of his role is to align product strategy with industry expectations and projections, including hosting customer advisory councils in conjunction with research and development (R&D). After all, our customers are the ones that drive the innovation that IFS needs to deliver to keep them at the front.

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Laying the Foundations: AI in Construction & Engineering

What impact will Artificial Intelligence (AI) have on such a traditional industry as Construction and Engineering?  Early indicators show the…

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The Hidden Cost in Construction

Many construction and engineering companies are so focused on winning projects that they overlook the importance of managing plant and…

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EPC, EPCM or EPCOM – The evolving complexity of EPCs

EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) companies are responsible for designing and constructing some of the most complex bridges, buildings, energy…

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Managing the Essential Roles of Subcontractors in the Construction Industry

The vast majority of large-scale construction projects erected worldwide simply wouldn’t be possible without the combined work of several different…

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IFS Unleashed – Accelerate, Elevate and Unlock new possibilities for Constructors and Engineers

In this latest blog, IFS, Global Industry Director – Construction and Engineering (C&E), Chris Knight shares his thoughts on the…

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Now more than ever, we see a significant shift in the operating models across organizations, mainly when delivering service and…

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