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Dare to Question: How Challenger Champion Marie Sköldenborg Makes a Difference Through Unexpected Solutions

How do you provide accommodations for construction workers when their work site is an oil rig located 500 miles from…

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Let’s actually start minding the industry skills gap
Skills Gap

When I meet with IFS customers across the UK one of the most common pieces of feedback is the struggle…

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3 tips for attaining project financial control in the construction industry
construction finance controller

Project financial control involves more than summing historic values, it needs the controller to map the consequences of potential events…

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The 6 S’s of success for Oil & Gas CFO’s navigating Globalization 4.0
6's of Success for oil & gas

As we enter an era of hyper connectivity, trillion-dollar corporations and artificial intelligence, industries and companies must adapt to accommodate…

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Managing The March Towards Zero-Touch Service
Managing the March Towards Zero Touch Service

A few weeks ago, Gartner released its 2019 Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management, and for the fourth consecutive time,…

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In search of the forecasting holy grail
Forecasting Holy Grail

Accurate forecasts are the panacea for food manufacturers, Is artificial intelligence getting us close to a solution, are we near…

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Industry Tip: Integrated Construction Business Software is now a MUST HAVE
Industry Tip : Integrated Construction

The engineering, construction and infrastructure industry is facing huge disruptive changes. We are at an inflection point, and need wholesale…

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The biggest barrier to mining transformation: software fragmentation
Biggest Barrier to Mining Transformation

Systems fragmentation is the single biggest barrier to business transformation and innovation we see in the mining industry. Most companies…

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The compelling business case that is driving IFS customers to the cloud
Cloud Business Case

A previous blog post debunked some common myths surrounding migrating enterprise resources to the cloud. In this post, part of…

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Debunking three common cloud-based enterprise software myths
Debunking Three Cloud Myths

Enterprise software will reside increasingly in the cloud. In some rare situations, on-premise instances of enterprise software will be desirable—for…

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Strategic resonance is the 3rd of the 3 cornerstones reinforcing business longevity

Sustainable, balanced and ethical practices are driving new opportunities for corporate strategy to resonate with stakeholder demands as global culture…

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Robots Versus Humans – the Rise of the Cobot

The process industry has spent billions of dollars on robots and robotic automation, but are these monoliths flexible enough for…

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