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Today we announced a refresh of the IFS brand. It’s a big milestone for the business, and there are many reasons motivating the change.  We’re here to explain the rationale and why we’ve made the change now.


Let Us Explain

We get it. Not everyone likes change. However, we can all agree that change is inevitable.

Our business has massively grown and evolved over the last few years. Having ‘worn’ the same brand look for the last decade, this re-brand is somewhat a celebration of our progress as a business. And we have the success of our customers,  partners and employees to thank for that.

The old brand served us well, but as a business it’s important that our brand accurately represents who we are today, while also signaling where we’re heading.

The launch of IFS Cloud on March 10 is a watershed moment for IFS. It’s the biggest product launch in the company’s history and it sets a benchmark for our peers in the industry in terms of the meaningful innovation that customers can leverage, as well as the great user experience if offers. It’s a real advancement and something that warrants us representing IFS in the right light.

So what’s changed? Well for starters, what’s not changed is our name – IFS has a great reputation in the marketplace for our product’s capabilities, our people and partner’s industry expertise, and our commitment that customers always come first. And we’re still #TeamPurple – when blues and reds are so commonplace in the software sector, it’s important that we remain differentiated. That said, we’ve upped the vibrance and energy in the purple-led color pallet.

What’s new is the addition of a new dynamic symbol. While the new symbol offers a great way to present IFS without using the company name it also perfectly represents how we position ourselves in the market.


Moment of Service

A key element of our re-brand is what we call the “moment of service”.

Our customers have very complex businesses. That complexity cannot be removed, but how it is handled, architected, and configured is what makes our customers successful when it really matters to their own customers. And that’s where IFS comes in. Organizations are looking for ways to effectively manage their customers, people and assets to deliver moments of service that delight their customers.

Our customers rely on IFS to help them manage the backbone of their businesses, and with the launch of IFS Cloud on March 10, we will offer an even more compelling proposition, that enables customers to deliver exceptional moments of service.

This is where the dynamic symbol in our new logo comes in. The center of the new symbol is a visual representation of the moment of service—the moment when everything comes together. The symbol reflects a point of convergence where customers are free to focus on their customers when it matters most.

Our brand is how we’ll begin to evangelize this message and help people understand who we are and what we do.

IFS Brand Activation

Moving Forward

Over the next few weeks, months and years, you’ll see more and more of IFS – and of course it will be in our new refreshed look. When you see the new logo and rebranding, remember it’s still us. We’re still IFS. We still live our values and remain committed to our customers. We’re just doing it in a way that represents the company we have become and where we are going.

We can’t wait to hear what you think about our new look. Tweet us @IFS and using #MomentOfService to share your reaction.

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