Colin Beaney

Colin is the Vice President for Energy, Utilities & Resources within IFS, where he has worked for nearly 20 years. Colin has been involved in implementing and project managing IFS software into many project and asset-intensive organizations in Europe and worldwide. These cover many industries including energy, utilities, pulp & paper, aviation and defense. He is therefore ideally placed to understand the real challenges faced by organizations working in the service and asset-intensive industries. He is a key member of the IFS product directions board and plays an instrumental role in the decisions regarding IFS product strategy. Prior to this, Colin worked as a management consultant specializing in maintenance continuous improvement philosophies such as TPM and RCM. He completed a mechanical engineering apprenticeship many years ago and spent over 15 years working in automotive manufacturing including time as a maintenance and facilities manager.

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The Highs and Lows of Renewable Energy in 2020
Renewable Energy with IFS

IFS Vice President of Energy, Utilities and Resources, Colin Beaney, discusses the highs and lows of the renewable energy sector…

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Charting a path forward for the energy sector in a post-pandemic world
Energy Sector post COVID-19

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic is not the type of thing enterprise technologists could see in our magic crystal…

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Traceability, accountability, and diversification come to the fore as the energy sector enters into a new decade
2020 energy and utilities predictions

The world has never been more aware of the importance of conserving resources and reducing carbon emissions. Nowhere is this growing…

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IFS in Energy: A Year in Review
IFS Oil & Gas Expertise

As we stand back and reflect on 2019, I am immensely proud of what the IFS team has achieved in…

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A changing energy mix requires new business models in power generation
Power Generation

Last year I predicted that energy companies needed to diversify or they would disappear. Renewable energies are no longer a plan for…

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3 Telecommunications Use Cases: Powered by IFS
Telecommunications Use Cases

IFS is uniquely positioned in our ability to support a wide range of use cases across the telecommunications industry. Our expertise…

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Choose value in energy, utilities and resources
business value in energy, utilities and resources

In September, respected analyst firm IDC published an end-user study, sponsored by IFS, that quantified the business value achieved by…

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Real time onshore visibility on your offshore assets – digital twins in oil and gas
Oil Rig Digital Twin

According to a recent report from EY analysing the Norwegian Oilfield Services in 2018, all oil and gas sectors will…

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Diversify or disappear: five energy, utilities and resources industry predictions

Renewables accelerating even faster than previously predicted, CX and UX driving innovation, a new generation of proactive consumers driving demand…

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Are these booming times for the energy industry – just what does the oil price recovery tell us?

In these turbulent times who can really tell if the oil price recovery can be sustained, with sanctions, on-going trade…

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IFS Energy & Utilities events with customer value in focus
Helicopter Header

Energy events have given us the opportunity to present the IFS story a number of times already this year, with…

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Using Technology and Service Provision to get ahead in the Diversifying Energy Market

To deliver in the new energy paradigm, suppliers need to focus on two key areas – technology and service provision….

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