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Time for a review of the International Motor Show 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The cream of the crop of the scene has been on the FORUM stage and in the Speakers’ Corner during the International Motor Show 2017, IBM, Mobileye, McKinsey, Roland Berger, Continental, Kaspersky, NXP and World Economic Forum, to name a few, have been sending their innovators and experts. In total, more than 100 speakers discussed the future of mobility throughout the 100 agenda items.

A few of the program highlights

  • How big data can be gathered and used to change the (urban) mobility of tomorrow
  • How connectivity within and between vehicles and their environments will transform what is possible
  • Future urban transport
  • Intermodal transport systems and the car in everyday life
  • Individualization of air transport
  • Platforms in the mobility world

The role of the automotive supplier

The role of automotive suppliers was discussed also. Over the years, the role of automotive suppliers has changed from more suppliers of products to competent development partners for carmakers. To be successful, suppliers now need strong technical know-how as well as a deep understanding of social megatrends and future consumer behavior—and an integrated and multi-mode manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution as well.

Dealing with challenges as an automotive supplier

There are some more challenges that automotive suppliers have had to deal with over the years that will have to be managed in the future. Below I’ve listed these challenges and how IFS’s software solutions can alleviate them:

Challenge: Move manufacturing to new markets

Solution: IFS software has integrated supply chain functionality to handle complex inter-site relationships

Challenge: Move from component supplier to system/module

Solution: IFS software has multi-mode manufacturing functionality to support changing demands

Challenge: OEMs and suppliers move towards becoming designers, project managers and assemblers

Solution: IFS software has integrated project management functionality allowing OEMs and suppliers to broaden their offering to the market

Challenge: Industry consolidation

Solution: IFS focuses on those companies where manufacturing, supply chain, project management and service management are critical

Challenge: Collaboration

Solution: IFS has B2B portals to allow both suppliers and customers to access certain information in a secure way

Challenge: After-sales majority is part of revenue and profit

Solution: IFS software has integrated service management capabilities

Challenge: Improve quality

Solution: IFS software has integrated statistical process control charts, as well as non-conformance reporting (NCR) and audit controls

For additional automotive industry resources and information, visit the IFS website.

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