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5G – the Big Data opportunity: how the telecommunications industry can unlock new revenue streams using AI

As 5G rolls out, telco Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are being squeezed from all angles. Now, connectivity is a commodity:…

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IFS Appoints New Global Industry Director to Accelerate Success in Telecommunications Industry

Markus Persson, who Drove Innovation at Ericsson for 30 Years, Joins IFS Industry Team IFS is excited to welcome a…

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IFS Predictions 2023: Telecom Industry

Markus Persson, Global Industry Director for Telecom at IFS, shares his insights for the sector through 2023 and beyond… PREDICTION…

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Expert Insight: The key drivers of innovation and transformation in telecoms

Rising customer expectations, shifting business models and disruptive competitors have made service a key component and differentiator for future success…

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Breaking down the siloes: the legacy technology dilemma

No industry is immune from the famous ‘digital transformation’ buzzword, following a period of such intense social and business change….

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Telecoms & Technology: Greater efficiencies and a better customer experience

The pace of innovation for telecoms is genuinely staggering. Just 40 years ago, we launched 1G to support our big,…

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As the world embraces, and expects, smart connected devices, the telecommunications sector is under ever more pressure to deliver fast,…

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Now more than ever, we see a significant shift in the operating models across organizations, mainly when delivering service and…

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The Road to Service Excellence in Telecommunications
Service in Telecommunications

Companies that have traditionally maintained transactional relationships with their customer have spent the last decade or so espousing the importance…

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3 Telecommunications Use Cases: Powered by IFS
Telecommunications Use Cases

IFS is uniquely positioned in our ability to support a wide range of use cases across the telecommunications industry. Our expertise…

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