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Markus Persson, who Drove Innovation at Ericsson for 30 Years, Joins IFS Industry Team

IFS is excited to welcome a new member to its global industry experts team. Markus Persson, who was responsible for driving innovation and the strategic direction of the OSS/BSS portfolio at Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications industry giant Ericsson, joins IFS to build on the growing success the company is achieving in the telco market.

With Persson’s three decades of experience helping Ericsson to develop new, advanced services for consumers and B2B customers across industry verticals, he brings intimate knowledge and understanding of the momentous transformation that both telecom operators and infrastructure providers are undergoing. Ericsson is responsible for maintaining the networks of the world’s largest communications service providers (CSP’s) and helping them to monetize innovations powered by 5G such as IoT and AI.

Persson began his thirty-year tenure as a senior operations consultant and software engineer, traveling the world to help Ericsson on multiple projects, including designing radio planning software for the Japanese market and launching the first 3G network in the world for Ericsson and Vodafone in 2000. His career evolved from General Manager of 3G Operations to a Director of product line maintenance and operations for Ericsson revenue management products.

In 2018, Persson became responsible for the strategic direction and roadmap of Ericsson’s global Digital BSS portfolio, and drove profitable growth for a $100m budget and a 900-person global R&D organization. Moving from Tokyo, Japan and back to Karlskrona, Sweden, Persson witnessed first-hand the evolution of not only Ericsson’s portfolio, but also the rapid transformation of the entire telecommunications industry.  In short, Persson’s successful career at the telecom industry giant gave him a front-row seat for the exciting disruption and rapid growth in the sector.

“As the Senior Vice President of IFS Industries, I am proud to lead a team of global industry experts covering IFS focused industries,” said Antony Bourne. “The time was perfect for Markus to help elevate IFS’s focus on the telecommunications industry. His appointment comes at a crucial inflection point in our growing success in the sector. IFS, with its industry-leading field service management, enterprise asset management, enterprise resource planning and workforce scheduling optimization solutions, is adding more and more global telco brands to its customer base. Persson’s depth of knowledge, skills and expertise will help IFS cultivate new and existing relationships with the world’s leading telco infrastructure and operators.”

Persson commented, “I am excited to join the IFS Global Industries team not only to help drive their momentum forward with new business wins, but also to guide existing telco customers to greater success in an ever-evolving and fast-paced industry.”

He explains how the current telco industry trends around 5G network expansions make IFS the perfect partner. “For IFS, the build-out of 5G and the new industry use cases are exciting since we not only support the network build-out itself, but we also have a lot of expertise in the other industry verticals that telecom operators and telecom infrastructure providers are addressing, making us a perfect bridge for enabling telco end-to-end use cases to be a success.”

He concludes by adding, “As the 5G landscape is accelerating, with the entire move towards cloud that is happening now with 5G SA and the increase of assets and rise of IoT, this whole evolution is one of the reasons we at IFS have decided to make telecommunications one of our main industry focuses. These moves in the market further amplify the ideal fit and unique value that IFS Cloud delivers to the telco industry.”

To learn more about Markus Persson and his vision for telecommunications industry evolution, check out his 2023 telco predictions and don’t miss the full recount of his interview with Europa Press at Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona.

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