Colin Beaney

Colin is the Vice President for Energy, Utilities & Resources within IFS, where he has worked for nearly 20 years. Colin has been involved in implementing and project managing IFS software into many project and asset-intensive organizations in Europe and worldwide. These cover many industries including energy, utilities, pulp & paper, aviation and defense. He is therefore ideally placed to understand the real challenges faced by organizations working in the service and asset-intensive industries. He is a key member of the IFS product directions board and plays an instrumental role in the decisions regarding IFS product strategy. Prior to this, Colin worked as a management consultant specializing in maintenance continuous improvement philosophies such as TPM and RCM. He completed a mechanical engineering apprenticeship many years ago and spent over 15 years working in automotive manufacturing including time as a maintenance and facilities manager.

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Diversity, integrity & greener portfolios are bringing change to the energy & utility sector

The Internet of Things really is here, so set your strategy now. But what must energy and utility companies do in…

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Implemented on time and within budget, another IFS Applications asset-intensive story

Responding to evolving asset-intensive business and market demands was the primary driver behind a far-reaching decision by publicly-listed Australian mining…

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It’s not like the geography I was taught at school

I have to admit it is some time since I attended a geography lesson at school. The little I remember…

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A common-sense approach to modern asset and project lifecycle management

According to research from PwC, global capital project and infrastructure spending will exceed $9 trillion by 2025. Within asset-intensive sectors…

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IFS is a ‘Challenger’ says Gartner 2015 MQ
New IFS website

The publication of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Energy and Utilities Enterprise Asset Management Software reflects the huge investment we have made in specific industry functionality within our core product, IFS Applications. We believe that by showcasing IFS as the only ‘Challenger’ in this year’s MQ, Gartner have validated what we can offer to our customers in the energy, utilities, oil and gas industries: a deep breadth of functionality that can be successfully deployed in all sub-sectors of that market.

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Power to the customer

The energy and utilities sector has seen massive change over the past 20 years. Major growth has been spurred on…

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How Torresol Energy met its lifecycle needs with IFS Applications

Solar power for the generation, storage and re-use of energy is one hot topic at the moment. Along with other…

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Agility, flexibility and asset management excellence are paramount for Imerys Minerals

Responding quickly to change in your business and in your market is something every company wants to achieve, and is…

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The energy and utility sectors must stay close to customers to find out what is going on
energy and utilities industry

Energiforum is an opportunity for IFS customers in the energy and utilities industry to meet, exchange ideas and hear about…

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View from the top for the power generation sector

Today at ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida, we’ve announced a “plug-and-play” version of IFS CPM (corporate performance management), for companies in…

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Production Data – A Potential Goldmine for Capital-Intensive Industries

Data collected from production and better collaboration between the various parts of an organization can lead to fewer disruptions, increased…

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Operational Intelligence – The Game Changer in Energy & Utilities Software

Within IFS Applications, operational intelligence (OI) is delivered through the IFS CPM component. This is so much more than business intelligence (BI), this is a model driven approach to blending OI and BI technologies combining the benefits of data and processes in real time to create continuous situational awareness.

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