Colin Beaney

Colin is the Vice President for Energy, Utilities & Resources within IFS, where he has worked for nearly 20 years. Colin has been involved in implementing and project managing IFS software into many project and asset-intensive organizations in Europe and worldwide. These cover many industries including energy, utilities, pulp & paper, aviation and defense. He is therefore ideally placed to understand the real challenges faced by organizations working in the service and asset-intensive industries. He is a key member of the IFS product directions board and plays an instrumental role in the decisions regarding IFS product strategy. Prior to this, Colin worked as a management consultant specializing in maintenance continuous improvement philosophies such as TPM and RCM. He completed a mechanical engineering apprenticeship many years ago and spent over 15 years working in automotive manufacturing including time as a maintenance and facilities manager.

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What a Week for The Energy Industry & Environmental Footprint Management

One of the more interesting pieces of news that came out this week is that the two biggest economies in…

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Augmenting Reality for Best Collaborative Service

  How do you solve complex asset maintenance issues on-site, without actually being on-site? And if the person with all the…

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How does IFS stay close to its energy and utility customers?

It has been 30 years or so since IFS got its start in the energy and utilities (E&U) industry. We…

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And the sooner you use enterprise software, the quicker the ROI!

Last week Martin Gunnarsson blogged that “Owning enterprise software doesn’t add value to your business; using it does.” How true…

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Using ERP to Come to Grips with Business Transformation

Companies that succeed are the ones that embrace change. They have the built-in flexibility to respond to fast-changing business conditions. …

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Project Integration Key to Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Success

As the global energy sector reconsiders the place of nuclear in the power generation portfolio, all eyes ought to be…

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The Technology that Will Power the Energy Revolution

“The lamps are going out all over Europe,” said Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey as the UK stood on the…

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