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Military organizations are increasingly required to operate in harsh climates, often characterized by remoteness and extremely difficult conditions, stretching connectivity…

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IFS Customer Success team blog: Nadee Jayatilaka 

IFS Customer Success Services all start and end with one key element: a global team of committed professionals. Nadee Jayatilaka, Success…

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Optimized service through transformative orchestration

Increasingly, manufacturers are looking to deliver superior service offers to differentiate their brands, increase margins and secure customer loyalty. As…

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Meet the people behind Customer Success: Jose García

IFS Customer Success Services all start and end with one key element: a global team of committed professionals. Jose García, IFS Customer Success Manager, talks…

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Unlocking the true value of digital technology in Manufacturing

The speed at which digital technology advances and the way it can disrupt entire markets is truly mindboggling. Why do…

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Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)

Trying to plan the unplannable. Today’s customers are challenging manufacturers with demands for more options, more products, and shorter lead…

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How important are the new right to repair rulings? 

How big a problem is electronic waste? Well, according to a United Nations global report, in 2019, a whopping US $57 billion worth of high-value, recoverable materials such as gold,…

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“Every end is a new beginning” – Volvo Remanufacturing

Helen Hauck chats to Ann-Sofie Wulfsberg and Andreas Gustafsson from Volvo Group about their initiatives aimed at saving resources, money,…

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Inca Digital Printers selects IFS to replace legacy systems
Inca Digital Printers Ltd

IFS’s cloud ERP solution to help British inkjet pioneer digitize value chain and accelerate efficiency gains. Inca Digital Printers Ltd,…

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Industrial machines – a move to servitization and circularity

The servitization megatrend is upon us. Industrial machine manufacturing companies are adding service revenue streams and changing their business models,…

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Upgrading in a pandemic: Put your core business needs first

Håkon Kvåle, Director of IT Technology & Change for Norwegian insulation and construction products supplier GLAVA® (part of Saint-Gobain group), shares his experience and…

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Manufacturers: Does Your Mobile Strategy Leave Your Field Technicians Behind?
Service Management

Service companies generally agree that mobile operations have long-since reached a point of maturity in service. Well before smart devices,…

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