Matthew Medley

Matthew Medley ensures IFS solutions meet the demanding needs of Defense Operators, In-Service Support Organizations, and Manufacturers worldwide. He has served as a management consultant, program manager, and project manager in aerospace, defense, and manufacturing organizations including Porsche, Lockheed Martin and others. A graduate of the US Air Force Academy, Matt served as a Major in the US Air Force, compiling over 2,500 flight hours in the C-130 aircraft. He holds the FAA Airline Transport Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor ratings and has earned multiple postgraduate degrees and certifications including an MBA from Kennesaw State University and PMI’s Project Management Professional certification.

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The defense logistics and support outlook for 2022 – data will dominate

Matt Medley, Industry Director, Defense Manufacturing at IFS, explains how a coherent digital data backbone will underpin some key focus…

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Military organizations are increasingly required to operate in harsh climates, often characterized by remoteness and extremely difficult conditions, stretching connectivity…

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Streamlining operations: Four key areas that can help the defense sector achieve Total Asset Readiness
Total Asset Readiness

For military organizations, achieving Total Asset Readiness™ is no easy task when any given mission may require the coordination of…

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Hitting the accelerate button: The impact of Covid-19 on digital transformation within defense

The global defense industry, like many sectors across the world, is experiencing unpredictable results in response to Covid-19. Military organizations…

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Why defense manufacturers are seeing more prioritized orders under the Defense Production Act
Defense Production Act

With the recent use of provisions of the Defense Production Act to keep open meat packing plants, we are reminded…

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Are legacy ERP systems holding A&D manufacturers back from progress?
Defense Manufacturing

COVID-19 and the resulting market forces have highlighted the need for flexibility. External forces have always affected the aerospace and…

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