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IFS Customer Success Services all start and end with one key element: a global team of committed professionals.

Jose García, IFS Customer Success Manager, talks to us about his role, different aspects and benefits of consulting engagements, and what he enjoys most about the work.

You’re an IFS Customer Success Manager. What exactly do you do?

So, from a customer’s perspective, I’m the first point of contact for pretty much everything IFS. Whether it’s supportconsulting, or for a query or issue, I’m here to co-ordinate the appropriate response. I’m also responsible for planning, building, and managing the Customer Success plan alongside the client for the next 3-4 years, identifying the necessary initiatives and projects together to deliver their vision of business success. 

The initiatives, whether corporate, strategic, or tactical, are calendarized, and we put careful monitoring in place to assess and review our progress. I also provide access to other professional support resources from IFS the customer might need, such as Expert Services or Application Management Services (AMS). 

The Success Plan is effectively our roadmap; it ensures that all stakeholders are working together to maximize value for the business. We review progress across all our initiatives every quarter, to see if there are any modifications or improvements we need to make. 

Can you share some examples of engagement at work?

Sure. For example, I’m currently working with a Spanish manufacturing company. Whilst they have an IT department, they need access to more expertise and resource externally, in particular for configuration, user access and any modification required. Under their IFS Success plan, we deliver this for them through IFS Application Management Services (AMS). AMS streamlines routine day-to-day support for customers using IFS applications. Through a 3-year monthly subscription contract, our customers can instantly call on specialist IFS expert resource by the hour or day whenever needed, against an agreed time quota. In this way, the customer’s focus can stay on their business; whilst operational IT aspects are managed by AMS. Typically we get 20-30 tickets raised each month covering IFS work to create configurationsLobbiesReports, custom events and more. 

Another IFS customer in construction is about to start using Expert Services to help them evaluate the new capabilities available by upgrading from a legacy Apps 7.5 solution to the latest version of IFS Cloud. For example, we’ll be able to demonstrate how the new IFS Project Management Model will work for them versus their older current module. The Expert Services team will start work in early 2022, with a view to starting the upgrade later that year.  

What personal characteristics make good teams within IFS Success?

Firstly, I think we always have to be curious. We need to understand the customer and their needs well. If we are curious, it also allows us to work in a pro-active way and anticipate problems or questions. 

We also have to be calm. Inevitably there will always be some escalations during an initiative, and as a Success Manager I must understand the business urgency of the problem, and swiftly organize an appropriate, timely support response. 

How long have you been with IFS, and what have you done before?

After studying Computer Science, I began my career with Accenture, joining IFS two years later. 

I’ve now worked in IFS for 14 years, starting as a Developer in 2007 before moving to the consulting team as a Project Manager, then Technical Manager. Most recently, before joining Success Services in January 2021, I was Regional Support Director for France, Benelux, and Spain. I made the move to Success Services as I particularly enjoy working with customers and learning about their business challenges. 

What’s the most rewarding part about your job?

For me, I think it’s about seeing how very different customers are all using IFS and growing their business with it. The Customer Services engagement model makes for a more structured, productive relationship, which in turn translates into happier customers and IFS experts alike. The Success Plan approach keeps everybody on the same page, and we can all clearly see and measure the business value of our efforts. 

And passions outside the office?

I enjoy sport. I’m also fortunate to live in very beautiful countryside outside Madrid, very near the mountains, so we head off walking most weekends. I find it’s a great place to relax and unwind after a busy, but satisfying, working week. 

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