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Remote Assistance provides technicians with instant access to experts who can help them resolve problems they encounter while working in the field. This remote model allows IFS customers to leverage existing resources efficiently, reduce costs, and increase first-time fix rates.

Being delivered as a fully integrated and embedded component of IFS Cloud makes the Remote Assistance usage and implementation faster and more effective. Utilizing this tool provides value to customers by reducing installation, implementation and overall cost of service and an increase of service capabilities.

Using augmented reality, Remote Assistance delivers a shared experience for experts and technicians so they can instantly diagnose, solve, and validate issues together.

Embedding Remote Assistance within IFS Cloud enables technicians in the field to use it hands-free with instructive images and information from the expert displayed in their glasses while they work.

Why IFS Cloud for Service Management?

IFS Cloud enables service businesses to integrate a best-in-class service management platform with their existing systems landscape for operational efficiency and revenue growth. The platform supports forward-thinking service organizations on their digital transformation journey to deliver outcome-based service and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Read the FAQ to learn more.

Interactive remote assistance capabilities

The IFS Cloud platform helps users manage their work in the moment, and throughout the day, with reliable connectivity.

Remote Assistance capabilities include:

Call access: Available by SMS or an email link, to individuals, groups, or multi-party. Single sign-on via computer, tablet, telephone, smart glass, and other endpoints.

Capabilities: During a call, participants can freeze, zoom, and pan images, screen capture, and document share, connect face-to-face, switch roles, access merged reality using hand gestures and tools, with dynamic video quality adjustment for bandwidth and connection challenges.

Post-call: All sessions are recordable by video or screen capture. Notes and tags can be added to the call record for categorizing and searching. Surveys, reporting, and analytics are also supported.

Your IFS Cloud journey

IFS Cloud is a compelling next step for IFS customers. To provide you with more information about the possibilities and potential of this solution for your business, we’ve created a series of blog posts to watch out for.

For a product demonstration or to learn more, contact your IFS account executive.

To discover more of the improvements, new features and new innovations embedded in the IFS Cloud platform, watch our webinar where Mark Brewer, VP Service Industries explains the how, what, when and why of an upgrade & the service management functionality available.

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