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Service Program Management provides our customers with an interactive hub to manage all service requests. Providing a seamless user experience relating appointment bookings, scheduling and dispatch activities, all seamlessly from a single user interface.

Program workflows are streamlined, accessing real-time information sourced directly from the Service Catalog. IFS Cloud customers benefit from a guided experience with all data and information available at their fingertips. Jobs are easily scoped, appointments optimized, and work dispatched to the field.

Why IFS Cloud for Service Management?

IFS Cloud enables service businesses to integrate a best-in-class service management platform with their existing systems landscape for operational efficiency and revenue growth. The platform supports forward-thinking service organizations on their digital transformation journey to deliver outcome-based service and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Read the FAQ to learn more.

Service Program Management capabilities

With service program management, you can quickly scope and schedule service requests. Here’s how it works:

  1. New request: Select data sourced from the Service Catalog, including customer, relevant objects, contact info, service required, location, service org, and a work description.
  2. Appointment booking: Optimum slots are presented based on customer and worker availability. Review scope, pricing summary, contacts, and other details.
  3. Scope: Examine details, including tasks to be performed. Auto-create applicable checklists, planned costs, resources, and materials needed. All information is standardized, flowing smoothly to the dispatch process.
  4. Dispatch: The system quickly identifies the best technician for each job. View timelines using different time horizons. Leverage extensive resource details, contextual analytics, visual components such as maps, quick actions, and easy navigation through related records.

Fig. 1 View of Dispatch Console

Your IFS Cloud journey

IFS Cloud is a compelling next step for IFS customers. To provide you with more information about the possibilities and potential of this solution for your business, we’ve created a series of blog posts to watch out for.

For a product demonstration or to learn more, contact your IFS account executive, or visit our website.

To discover more of the improvements, new features and new innovations embedded in the IFS Cloud platform, watch our webinar where Mark Brewer, VP Service Industries explains the how, what, when and why of an upgrade & the service management functionality available.

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