Dan Matthews

As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at IFS, Dan’s responsibilities encompass researching, formulating, and communicating the strategic direction for IFS Applications. To this end Dan leads the Research & Strategy unit within IFS, as well as manages IFS’s partnerships with Microsoft, Oracle and other players. With one foot deep in the IT industry and the other firmly grounded in dialogue with IFS’s customers across industries, Dan is in a unique position to see new trends in business technology both from the vendors and the customers’ point of view. Dan is a frequent speaker at IFS and industry events. Since joining IFS in 1996, Dan has held a number of positions within the company including software engineer and project manager. Early in his IFS career, Dan played a vital role in the initial development of a graphical user interface for IFS Applications. Recently he has been the driving force behind the innovative IFS Enterprise Explorer user interface with the aim of bringing good design and true user productivity to enterprise applications, and IFS Touch Apps bringing the use of Smartphones to enterprises. Prior to joining the company, Dan ran his own software development business. Having started the company during his final two years studying computer science and software engineering at the Linköping Institute of Technology, Dan chose to move on to IFS in order to be part of a larger organization and further develop his skills. Outside of the workplace, Dan pursues his hobbies of carpentry and cross-country skiing.

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Second time lucky for role-based user experiences?

History is full of concepts and products that flopped or ended up as nice products used for very limited purposes….

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Family, Windows 10 and Evergreen ERP

As those of you who work in IT will surely recognize, the mere fact that you “work with computers” means…

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Completing the Picture – IFS acquires VisionWaves
IFS | VisionWaves

Today IFS announced the acquisition of VisionWaves. I feel really good about this as the acquisition completes an area where we have been investing strategically. In a way, you could say that we have been piecing together a puzzle over the last few years, and the addition of VisionWaves completes the picture.

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Outstanding business visibility with IFS Lobby

It’s one thing to have current, reliable business information and put it into the hands of the people who need…

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Embedded CRM in IFS Applications 9 gives you an ERP system with CRM functionality

Imagine an enterprise application that combines ERP and CRM in a single package. No more using CRM as a separate…

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IFS Applications 9 takes business agility to the next level
IFS Applications 9

IFS Applications 9 – it’s here, announced today at the IFS World Conference 2015 in Boston! This new version of…

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Oracle OpenWorld Takeaways

It’s been a couple of weeks since Oracle once again invaded San Francisco with their 2014 edition of Oracle OpenWorld. Having had a chance to digest and reflect a bit I walked away with two more, as well as two surprises.

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In-Memory Done Right
memory chips

I believe the approach taken by Oracle is the right one. After all, why would we in the software industry learn new tools and skills to develop against a new database when we can get the same benefits as an incremental update to the databases we know well?

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The Making and Breaking of the Internet of Things
Industry 4.0

2014 will go down in history as the year when the Internet of Things (IoT) hype peaked. Thus the interesting question becomes what will happen next? Will IoT follow the usual pattern of a set-back due to overinflated expectations, only to return later as widely adopted part of our lives? Or will IoT be the exception that goes directly from hype to use?

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Samsung KNOX Android closer to Businesses

I am a firm believer that products should ship with the expected basic set of features out of the box. This is why I think Samsung’s decision announced to ship their KNOX solution to consumers is the right one. Needless to say IFS is backing Samsung’s KNOX initiative—we already have our first apps available in the KNOX app catalog, and more is to come.

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Surfacing after Microsoft’s WPC

Travelling back after a week with Microsoft and its worldwide partners in a balmy (no pun intended) Houston, Texas. What impression did the 14.000 or so attendees leave with?

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Come on Apple—NFC is Good for Business

For a couple of years Near Field Communications (NFC) has been pushed by Google and others as the next big thing for smartphones. There has been a lot said about the merits of consumer applications for NFC, including digital wallets and replacing some of Bluetooth. But what about applications in business—what role could NFC play there? Here at IFS we’ve been looking into just that.

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