Dan Matthews

Dan is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at IFS R&D, with over 25 years experience of in driving strategic initiatives and teams within the technology, platform, and innovation areas. Dan is deeply engaged in all major technology initiatives for IFS Cloud, as well as acquisitions and product integration strategies. He has started and built multiple key teams in IFS including IFS Labs and IFS Demo Showroom. Dan has a passion and unique ability to understand customers’ realities, connecting those with product and technology strategies, all the way to detailed discussions with developers and architects.

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Apps for the Enterprise – The Super Obvious and the Generic-Specific

Yesterday I commented on the fact that the first thing I have realized in recent months discussions with customers and colleagues about what apps we should build for our enterprise applications suite, is what apps we should NOT build.

In all fairness I guess I should also explain what I have realized that customers DO want and what I think we should build.

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Apps for the Enterprise – Blame iPad for the Confusion

Before the iPad when there was just the iPhone, BlackBerry and various Android smartphones, things were a lot easier. The phone was (and still is) the thing you always carried with you. In business it was used for sending messages and checking e-mails. On the phone we had apps, and these apps were designed for tasks you could do in a short space of time. For business use we were discussing apps to quickly review and approve purchases, to have a quick look at some KPI:s. Then came the iPad and confused us all.

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The Difference Between Usability and User Experience

In software a good user experience requires excellent usability. On top of that it also needs an appealing visual design, high quality, good performance. But most importantly it needs “it”. The “it” that creates the “must have” and “love to use” desires.

And therein lays the problem. What really is “it”? How could we describe what we are looking for?

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The cloud: all swings and roundabouts?
The Cloud

A couple of weeks ago I was moderating a lunch time discussion called “The cloud – myths and realities”. Invited key speakers were Graham Taylor who is the CEO of OpenForum Europe, and Mikael Bäck who is responsible for strategy and portfolio management for Ericsson’s fixed and mobile networks. Unlike cloud talk of late this discussion was refreshingly free from over-hyping, striking more of a “swings and roundabouts” tone.

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