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IFS Applications 9 – it’s here, announced today at the IFS World Conference 2015 in Boston! This new version of IFS Applications features major enhancements in user experience, architecture and functionality.

IFS Applications 9 has been built to deliver business agility by bringing users closer to their businesses, increasing their flexibility in running them, and maximizing their ability to take advantage of change.

What does that mean in practical terms?

It means that the enhancements and new functionality in IFS Applications 9 meet the requirements of what a contemporary business demands of its investment in enterprise technology. That’s why we created IFS Applications – to make our customers so agile they would view change not as a threat but as an opportunity.

IFS Applications 9 fits the bill by offering you features like these:

  1. 500+ new industry-specific capabilities that gives a closer solution fit to the business
  2. At-a-glance real time view of the business for any role or process.
  3. Designed to work as well on a tablet with touch as on a laptop with mouse and keyboard
  4. Comprehensive access from mobile devices
  5. Embedded customer relationship management (CRM)
  6. Layered application architecture
  7. Management of global operations
  8. Visualizing information in clever ways to gain better insight into what it means

I’ve written a new white paper that goes into the technical detail of each of these elements so you can study for yourself what IFS Applications 9 can do for you.

We talk a great deal about true business agility these days – and we argue strongly that businesses with the agility to capitalize on the unexpected have the most to gain in this era of constant change and unexpected events.

At its simplest, it can mean the difference between business success or failure, or opportunities lost.

IFS Applications 9We’re proud to bring IFS Applications 9 to market. We’re proud of our history that has always been about giving our customers the best enterprise software suite that’s built from the ground up to be extended and adapted as and when business needs emerge or change.

We are also very proud of our early adopter customers who played a key role in the development of IFS Application 9 by implementing and going live on IFS Applications before we even released it to market.

For the last couple of years IFS Applications has been in our dreams, minds and hearts. Today we hope it will take its place in yours.

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